Reasons why your dog needs a Halloween costume

Isabelle Doerschlag/Staff

As fall sets in, it’s time to bid adieu to high-waisted shorts and say hello to cool breezes, pumpkin spice lattes and Halloween costumes for your dog. Naturally, these are the three most important aspects of fall. If you aren’t completely sold on the final addition of my list, stay tuned and you shall be convinced!

“Why does my dog need a Halloween costume?” you may ask? Join me on a short journey in understanding the necessity of canine fashion.

So people don’t think your dog is a cat.
We all know it’s easier to dress up a dog than a cat. Distinguish that difference by giving your dog a killer costume.


Your dog will inevitably have to go out on the town to pee and it will be embarrassing if he’s not dressed up.

Save your pup the doggy day care teasing and make sure he looks as good as the other dogs on the block.


To inspire other dogs
Maybe next year the other dogs can look as good as your dog. It’s all about that healthy competition that keeps life exciting.


To feel fashionable and express themselves
This aspect pretty much speaks for itself, but creativity is important for dogs too, not just humans!

It’s fall and it’s chilly
If anything, a costume will keep your dog warm. Help a pup out and get them a nice cozy pumpkin sweater or Batman cape.


He or she will feel much more liberated when he is naked again.
Trust us, it’s a relativity thing.


Why not waste your money on another useless thing? (We all know you’re good at that)


The Instagram pics
Think of all the likes you will get for your adorable pup dressed up as a hot dog! This one is a classic!


All of the potential modeling opportunities are worth it.
There are dog calendars for days. Think of this costume as an investment in the future success of your pup!


Dress up because it’s cute, duh.

There you have it. What kind of human companion would you be if you denied your dog the opportunity to dress up? Spread some joy, take some pictures and take the costume off within 20 minutes because at the end of the day, your dog would probably rather be naked. Happy Halloween, or should we say “Howloween”!

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