Oski’s costume reported missing

Lianne Frick/Senior Staff

After the Cal vs. USC football game a couple of weekends ago, the door to the closet containing Oski’s costume was left open slightly, with a passing student sneaking into the closet and taking the costume. The student, Robert Sacamano, a zoology major who, according to his friends, had “a great fascination” with Oski. He was caught this past weekend when he showed up to a frat party in bear uniform, being invited in because who doesn’t want to party with Oski? When dancing too hard, the bear head fell off, revealing Sacamano’s face which resulted in a person shouting “hey, he’s in my biology class!”

Sacamano has yet to respond publicly to the allegations, and has been advised by his lawyer to lay low. The Clog has however spoken to his roommate Jeff, who stated that he “knew he was passionate about bears, but didn’t think he would take it this far.” Jeff began to grow suspicious when he realized that Sacamano went to Big Bear Mountain monthly (even when there was no snow), and constantly walked in on him watching Animal Planet or listening to his favorite band Grizzly Bear. Chancellor Christ has recently spoken out about the situation, stating “in the midst of all that’s been going on at UC Berkeley lately, the fact that a student would try to patronize the reputation of or beloved Oski is just unbearable”.

While no one has heard from him since the night he was caught, students have been heard discussing Sacamano in Caffe Strada, the MLK Jr. Student Union lounge, and even in Moffitt Library (while being shushed by the person next to them trying to study for their CS midterm). Come catch the real Oski Bear this weekend at the homecoming game!

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