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Why we need in an In-N-Out in Berkeley right now

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OCTOBER 16, 2017

How to ruin someone’s day: remind them that the nearest In-N-Out is more than six miles away.

As time goes on, brand-new In-N-Out Burgers plant themselves across California (and even five new states!), yet somehow Berkeley is forever left in the dust leaving Bears to crawl the streets, desperate for their animal-style fix. While we sit here and watch our friends across the UC system enjoy their double-doubles on Instagram, the pressure to open an In-N-Out in Berkeley is more intense than ever. Because of this, we at the Clog are taking action and starting a movement as to why we need our favorite fast food chain ASAP.

1. There’s an In-N-Out in Kettleman City

“Oh yeah! Kettleman City! Totally heard of it!” said no one ever. With a population less than the amount of students who attend UC Berkeley, an In-N-Out in Middle of Nowhere, California just seems like a total waste of space.

2. The lost in-state students

We all know the real reason California residents actually stay in California: In-N-Out. Coming to Berkeley though, students have been deprived of the only strand of home they have. Without those animal-style fries, we may as well have gone to school in Arkansas. 

3. Affordability

In-N-Out’s biggest appeal is the itty-bitty damage it does to your wallet. You can eat it three times a day, every day, without sacrificing money to do your laundry this week.

4. Reliability

“Fresh, never frozen,” they brag. And think about it: has a double-double ever done you wrong? Now substitute Taco Bell into that equation and re-evaluate. After a few too many Doritos Locos Tacos mistakes, you just can’t answer it the same way.

5. No need to purchase on Sproul Plaza

We always see those clubs selling In-N-Out on campus. They are profiting off of our lack of burgers and fries, forcing us to throw our money at them in exchange for a mediocre meal that has been sitting out for hours. With an In-N-Out, this exploitation will take place no more.

6. Food pyramid fulfilled

Think about it: in one burger you’re getting your daily fix of meats, dairy, grains, fruits (ketchup… duh) and veggies. You know what they say: a number two (animal-style) a day keeps the doctor away.

Just give us our In-N-Out already!

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OCTOBER 15, 2017