Expectation vs. reality: Class schedules

Maya Kandell/File

Now that the semester is halfway over, the illusion of how great our class schedule *is* has been shattered.

Every semester, we spend days, or even weeks, planning out the perfect schedule. We talk with our friends about how college class schedules are so much better than those in high school because we get to make them ourselves. We’re ecstatic when a lecture doesn’t require discussion. We also die and go to heaven when none of our required classes are at 8 a.m. Sometimes we figure out ways to only have class three or four days a week — and that’s one of the proudest moments in our lifetimes.

We daydream about waking up at a reasonable time, going to bed at an even more reasonable time and having free time to watch Netflix or maybe even to recreationally read if we’re feeling really wild (gasp!). We think about all of the time we’ll have to workout and all of the San Francisco adventures we can have with our friends.

But, this daydream doesn’t always turn into reality. When we add in all of our extracurricular activities, jobs and finalized schedule times, our lives go from pleasant to crazy (but still pleasant, just in a different way). Our blissful mornings and calm nights quickly turn into frantic attempts to get all of our work done and cram for our midterms (which last the whole semester) on four or five hours of sleep, if we’re lucky. They turn into club meetings that start at 10 p.m. since that’s the only time that everyone has a hot sec to meet. We have absolutely no time to even pick up that book on our side table that’s been gathering dust or get through five minutes of a Netflix episode before we pass out of exhaustion at 1 a.m. We head down to the RSF a few days a week (if even that many times) and hit up the city like once.

The simple truth is that every single UC Berkeley student has a busy, nonstop life. All of us are overachievers, involved in 30 different things — oh, and also full-time students. While our schedule might turn out to be a little more hectic than we originally planned for, the beauty of this whole process is that it repeats. The course schedule for next semester is out and the planning is underway. So, let’s all get stoked for the endless possibilities that next semester holds and remember that in the midst of everything happening how lucky we are to attend this school in the first place!

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