Still need to study? Check out these secret spots

Deborah Chen/File

Here at UC Berkeley, it’s no surprise that we spend a lot of time studying — or, at least that’s what we tell ourselves. Luckily, we’ve got enough libraries and cafés to keep us motivated for days (supposedly). Saying that though, a good environment is key to a productive study sesh and, sometimes, we just need a change of scenery. If you’re looking for some new spots to get through your readings at, make sure to start with these secret Clog favorites.

The hallway of Dwinelle

Nothing says dedication like a hardcore cram session just minutes before your exam. Embrace that short-term retention of your brain and make sure you have those facts memorized. I mean, the test is only one hour! Expect to remember nothing the following day though (more room for Netflix though!).

Sproul Plaza

All that hustle in the middle of Sproul is bound to make you feel like the go-getter you are. If you really want to get inspired, observe as club members that are rejected when offering a flyer to passing students. Take notice of how quick they’re able to bounce back. If they can persist, so can you.

The Campanile

Run to the top of the tower and let the hazy view of our beautiful campus drive your ambition. After all, what’s more awakening than reminding ourselves of what it looks like to go to the #2 public university.


When you have so much to study, chances are you don’t have a minute to spare. So once you start to feel those hunger pangs, pack your books and head to your favorite campus dining hall. With a pen in one hand and fork in the other, alternate between taking bites and reading. Just make sure not to take a chunk out of your book. We heard Plato is a bit chewy. 


There are only a few feelings that are as discouraging as the one you get when you just can’t follow along in class. Scrambling to copy down notes is something we all struggle with. That’s why studying for another class during your “lost lecture” is a great way to feel accomplished.

Frat row

Let’s face it — you didn’t come to college to miss out on every party because you’re too caught up with work. To make sure you both work and play hard though, grab a calculator and slide into your favorite frat house! The pounding music is really conducive to a good study grind. And at least you’ll be comforted by the fact that you aren’t alone. You might not be getting much sleep tonight, but hey, neither is anyone else.

We know it’s easy to feel like you’re being buried under hundreds of quizzes, tests and midterms this semester, but we at the Clog hope this exclusive list will help your study process!

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