Ways to make money on the side

Kevin Chan/Staff

Let’s face it: college is pretty expensive. It’s definitely hard enough to pay the hefty price of tuition, but when we add on the extra expenses for food, textbooks and other personal necessities, the strain on our wallets becomes all the more apparent. With all the stress coming from the notoriously challenging classes here at Berkeley, there’s really no more time left to be spend on stressing over our budgets. This is why we at the Clog are letting you in on some easy tips and tricks to make extra money on the side.

Sell cookies

One of the easiest ways to make some extra money on the side is to sell some home baked goods. Who can resist fresh, homemade cookies during the stressful midterm season? Not only will the fresh cookies bring comfort to those who’re missing their mom’s homemade cookies, the sugar will also help keep people awake during study sessions. If you don’t know how to make cookies from scratch, just buy frozen cookie dough and bake it up. It’ll still taste better than those sad prepackaged hard disks that are meant to pass as cookies at your average grocery store.

Offer up some tutoring services

Do you excel at writing papers? Does math seem like your mother tongue? Can you see how chemistry mechanisms work as soon as your professor writes them on the board? If so, try offering tutoring services to help those in need! Not only will teaching others help you boost your own understanding of the material, you’ll also be able to earn some much needed pocket money.

Play music on Sproul Plaza

Are you musically talented? Is your instrument like an extra appendage on your body? Then try playing some of your best musical masterpieces on Sproul! Simply set out a little hat, put a dollar and a few coins inside so people get the idea, and blow your audience away with your musical awesomeness.

Sell your clothes

Do you have more clothes than your closet can fit? Are you having trouble finding the clothes you actually want to wear because you’ve got so many other clothes piled on top in a monstrous heap? If so, then this tip is perfect for you. Simply find an afternoon where you’ll have time to sort through your clothes and identify everything you don’t wear. Then just sell the unwanted items at majorly discounted prices. Not only will your closet become much neater and less cluttered, you’ll also make quite a few bucks (especially if you’ve got a ton of clothes to sell).

Sell your art

Are you artistically gifted? Do you find yourself doodling all the time when you’re actually supposed to be taking notes on the lectures? If so, put those artistic skills to good use by offering up commissioned art services to your peers! There’s definitely a demand for well-priced apartment decor out there, so if you can figure out a competitive price and provide quality art, you’ll definitely be able to earn some extra bucks by taking this route.

Hopefully, these ideas will help relieve some of that stress you’ve been feeling lately, and leave you with more time (and more money) to relax and enjoy the beautiful fall season.

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