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Best of UC Berkeley: Spring 2018 courses

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OCTOBER 19, 2017

Picking classes always seems like a daunting task, especially at a school as large as UC Berkeley. You have to balance your major requirements, your interests, time constraints and more. And don’t forget the fact that classes fill up within minutes. So whether you’re a senior looking for something cool in your major or a freshman searching for a random class just to explore a new field, we encourage you to consider taking these unique and enlightening classes during your spring semester at UC Berkeley.

DES INV 21: Visual communication & sketching

This class is a great opportunity to explore design, even if you can draw nothing more than a stick figure. Visual messages surround us everyday. We watch real and fictional stories on television, view advertisements in magazines and on billboards and review charts, graph and tables in books. In this class, you’d be able to practice and gain confidence in your ability to communicate through sketching, a skill that can definitely be learned and improved upon with the practice you’ll receive in this course. 

THEATER R1A 003: Living in a transcultural world: Performances of cosmopolitanism, diversity and belonging

Why take a rhetoric course when you can take a theater class to fulfill your reading and comprehension requirement? This class looks at how multiculturalism around the world impacts political rhetoric, immigration and corporate management — all topics which are extremely relevant to our society today.

SOCIOL 111C: Sociology of childhood

This class looks at childhood through a unique lens, exploring the idea of childhood as a social construction that’s influenced by age, social class, race, gender and sexuality. Make sure to sign up immediately because this course can fill up quickly!

CHICANO 20: Introduction to Chicano culture

This class looks at the historical interaction between Chicanos and American society and is popular for its ability to really change the way students understand history. Plus, Professor Pablo Gonzales is known to be extremely passionate and knowledgeable about this course. Because of this, his enthusiasm directly transfers to the positive and dynamic atmosphere of the classroom.

COGSCI C126: Perception

The information regarding perception of color, space, shape, motion and patterns that’s taught in this course is eye-opening and astounding. It really highlights just how complex our daily life experiences really are!

MCB 50: The immune system and disease

Whether you’re just looking to fulfill your biological science breadth or you’re an MCB major, this course will be both interesting and manageable. The class is centered around discussing the immune system as a whole and then honing on specific diseases like malaria, HIV, cancer and treatment methods. The course is also structured in a way that allows students to apply the knowledge they learn in the first couple of months to real life medicine.

We at the Clog wish you the best of luck picking out classes for next semester!

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OCTOBER 18, 2017