Homecoming Weekend 2017: How to Berkeley-fy your parents

Karen Chow/File

It’s a privilege attending UC Berkeley and, while many of our parents love to reminisce on the good ol’ college days, some of them may have missed out on the college experience entirely. Regardless of the past, UC Berkeley’s annual Homecoming celebration is upon us, so we at the Clog have found 25 ways to Berkeley-fy your parents this weekend. It’s time to show them what a privilege it is to be a Golden Bear in Berkeley!

  1. Buy family Birkenstocks
  2. Throw them out on Sproul Plaza alone on a Friday afternoon
  3. Roam the campus
  4. Tour the libraries
  5. Teach them how to walk around the seals on the ground (they’re bad luck for everyone!)
  6. Blow their minds with the modern wonder that is the Amazon pickup location
  7. Play a pickup basketball game at People’s Park
  8. Buy them a ten pound sandwich at Mezzo… then make them eat the whole thing
  9. Take over their hotel room while they sleep in your dorm
  10. Grab at least five cups of boba everyday 
  11. Deck them out in Cal gear
  12. Take them to a frat party
  13. Swipe them into Crossroads
  14. Do family yoga at the RSF
  15. Get them fluent on Berkeley acronyms
  16. Have a family picnic on Memorial Glade
  17. People watch at Caffe Strada
  18. Take them to the football game (It’s Homecoming Weekend, so duh.)
  19. Enjoy live music at The Cheese Board Collective
  20. Enjoy even more live music by the Cal Band
  21. Introduce them to your professors during office hours
  22. Teach them how to compost
  23. Shop ’til you drop at Daiso
  24. Go to the top of the Campanile
  25. Take a family photo with Oski

If you do all of these things with your fam, they will never want to leave Berkeley. So welcome them with open arms and let them know what it’s like to be a Bear!

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