Saying goodbye to basic: How to be unique on Instagram for game day

Crystal Zhong/File

Posting an Instagram is a game day essential — if that wasn’t evident by the immense flooding of your feed. Taking an hour out of your day to scroll through all of the game day pictures is fun, but could be more interesting if there was some variation in their style and scenery (as in something besides looking cute in basic outfits at frats). Don’t get us wrong — there’s truly something iconic about the typical game day photo shoot. But a little deviation every now and again will make scrolling through the feed a bit more bear-able. Here’s how to stand out:

  • Don’t post captions that include, “Go Beers,” or that literally say, “It’s Game Day,” when that’s quite clear by the picture — maybe try a pun (like the absolutely hilarious one we used in the paragraph above).
  • Make a funny or ugly face instead of trying to be hella cute. Your fans will appreciate you showing your humorous side, and it looks as if you’re not trying hard to be cool — you just are.
  • Take the wholesome route and post a picture of you with your family when they visit. Make sure to wear your cutest Cal turtleneck so that Grandma approves!
  • Post a video or Boomerang of you doing some sick dance moves. It’s a little bit more fun than a picture and, of course, cat-daddying, raising the roof and dabbing are all highly encouraged.
  • Post a picture of you and your pals actually in the crowd watching the game. The stadium is truly beautiful, and it’s proof to all that you rallied hard enough to actually attend the game. Your followers will be automatically impressed.
  • Finesse your way into taking Oski out to dinner, and post a picture of it. Everyone gets pictures with Oski at the game, but you will be able to share with the world what Oski does after the game is over — which is a mystery to us all. Best first date ever!
  • Run onto the field and take a quick selfie with our quarterback, Ross Bowers. His look of either surprise or anger (or combination of the two) will be sure to increase the number of views your photo gets, especially if you tag him!

While all of these ideas will make your profile a little more funky fresh, keep in mind that the Clog supports all styles of game day posts. Honestly, sometimes, the more basic the better.

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