Basic activities for when your life is in shambles

Willow Yang/File

The past few weeks at UC Berkeley have been quite hectic — between midterms, poor air quality and the general shenanigans that come with being a bystander among homeless people shouting conspiracy theories. Anxiety can be felt all throughout campus, so we at the Clog came up with some simple activities to cope with such feelings, whether you’re the kind of person who needs to be active or just wants to hide under your covers after a long day in the big, scary world.

Schedule time for yourself

College comes in waves, where one week you have tons of free time and the next you’re drowning in work. In your times of stress, create a light at the end of the tunnel for yourself once it all ends. Maybe you and your pals set up a day trip to San Francisco, maybe you get out of town for the weekend, or maybe you sleep in until 4 p.m.

Write or draw literally everything that’s on your mind

We’ve all had those nights where we can’t sleep, and we’ve definitely had those classes where you space out and your professor calls on you and you look like this. In these times, we suggest finding some sort of canvas and expressing your thoughts in some medium. Something as simple as bullet point notes of what’s on your mind or some abstract drawing that captures exactly how you feel at the time.

Bike ride (real or in RSF)

We recommend that you use a spin bike (like the ones you’d find at the upper level of the RSF), but if you want to pedal your heart out until you reach San Jose, go ahead. There’s something wonderful about putting on some loud music and working out your stresses until you’re drenched in sweat. Not only are you working out your anxieties, but you’re also getting rid of those calories that you built up through all of those Chipotle and Artichoke Basille’s Pizza trips.

Take a nap

No matter what’s going on in your life, there’s always time for a quality nap. We’re exhausted college students after all, and oftentimes we are more tired than we think we are. Whether it’s in your bed, in one of the nap pods, on Memorial Glade, or in one of your classes (not that we encourage this, but do what you gotta do), get your rest — it’s only college.

Next time you’re stressed to the max, give one of these activities a shot. Whatever helps you keep yourself satisfied and keeps you sane, should always be something to prioritize.

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