Review: Burma Superstar supplies a flavorful experience for customers

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OCTOBER 23, 2017

With three locations in Oakland, Alameda and San Francisco, Burma Superstar has been bringing traditional Burmese flavor to the Bay Area for more than 25 years. For those of you unfamiliar with Burmese cuisine, imagine Thai food, Chinese food and Indian food had a baby. Sounds stellar, huh? Except “stellar” can’t even begin to describe the trip your tongue will take with its first bite. Burma Superstar provides an unreal cultural experience and is yet another testament to the diversity and the dynamic reality that is the Bay Area.

A few must-tries:

Salt and pepper calamari

You can never go wrong with calamari. Never. But the twist here is the chili sauce they serve on the side. Oh, so good.

Mint chicken with string beans

If your tastebuds are overwhelmed just by looking at the menu, look no further. This is the fresh and simple dish you’re looking for.

Garlic and chili shrimp

Warning: it’s a little spicy and isn’t available mild. In the end though, it’s totally worth the burn.

Tea leaf salad

Ask the server what they recommend, and every time they’ll hit you with the tea leaf salad. With the main ingredient being fermented tea leaves, it’s unlike anything you’ve ever tasted before.

Mango mojito (for all you 21-and-overs)

You’ll be tempted to order two. Better call your Uber now.

Before you bolt over to Burma Superstar, there’s a catch. No matter what time you arrive, you’ll probably be the 12th or so party on the waiting list. The wait can be brutal … sometimes up to two hours. Yet the second you walk in, you’ll forget about the wait entirely. Each location is small and intimate, but that’s what gives it character. Two hours is nothing in return for the incredibly unique and fulfilling cultural experience you’ll gain, and we’re proud to say we’ve spent (probably way too many) hours standing in line for a table at Burma Superstar.  

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OCTOBER 22, 2017