UC Student Association calls for UC Board of Regents to dismiss Regent Norman Pattiz

Michael Drummond/File

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The University of California Student Association, or UCSA, passed a second resolution calling for the dismissal of UC Regent Norman Pattiz during the Oct. 14-15 UCSA board meeting.

The first UCSA letter calling for the removal of Pattiz came January, after allegations against him of sexual harassment first surfaced. The UCSA also intends to create a new “report card” for the UC Board of Regents, within which the regents will be graded based on how well their actions respond to student needs.

The resolution lists more specific demands for the regents than the first in order to be clear, according to Parshan Khosravi, UCSA treasurer and the bill’s sponsor.

“(The regents) did somewhat broaden their policy about behavior that occurs outside the regent context, and I think as far as Regent Pattiz is concerned, they believe that matter to be closed,” said UC President Janet Napolitano in a previous interview with The Daily Californian.

After the allegations against Pattiz arose, the regents adopted a policy mandating all regents take a sexual harassment training course. Khosravi noted, however, that this is the same training course that staff workers in the UC Office of the President were already mandated to take.

Compared to the letter from January, Khosravi said, the new resolution uses much stronger language, so UCSA is expecting a response from the regents. Khosravi added that UCSA will not stop at “anything short of (Pattiz’s) dismissal.”

“When you look at what’s happened in the UC institutions in the … past few months and even in the past number of years, you’re seeing a trend of the UCs saying, claiming to be proactive on certain issues regarding sexual violence,” Khosravi said. “They talk the talk and never walk the walk.”

More information regarding the potential regent grading system, such as a rubric, will be released sometime after Thursday, according to UCSA president Judith Gutierrez.

Student Regent-designate Devon Graves said the grading system provides an opportunity for the regents to hear direct feedback from students, which he thinks the regents will take into consideration.

“It comes down to face time,” Graves said. “The regents interact with the student regents. … We want to make sure the regents are hitting the bottom base of students.”

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