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Different childhood games that you still play in college

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OCTOBER 24, 2017

There have definitely been times in college when you’d rather be the innocent kid you once were than a stressed coffee-addict. As it turns out, UC Berkeley has made it possible for you to become a kid again! A large part of everyone’s childhood is playing group games and, considering that there are over 40,000 of us on campus, there’s no excuse to not partake in some favorite elementary school pastimes. 

Heads up seven up

Right after midterms, you get that fateful email and have to make a final decision of whether or not to check bCourses (heads down). You decide to keep going with your day and convince yourself that you failed, so there’s no point in checking anyway (thumbs up). Then, you get the call from your parents. They want to know what you got in hopes that you finally turned a new leaf. Instead of lying like usual, you check your grade. Your score: 2/30 (heads up). You feel the blood rush to your head.

Paper fortune tellers

Do you all remember those paper fortune tellers that you’d make with your friends that told you who you had a crush on in the class? Well now you have the fancy technological equivalent: Tinder! Just swipe right and wait to see if you and your crush have any hope of a relationship — because we all know it’s better than finding out in person.


This is an obvious one. Instead of worrying about leaving the comfort of your filthy apartment, you can tag (or be tagged) at any time on Facebook! Why go through the effort to tag someone IRL when you can just type their name in the comments section of a meme post? Just like in the physically strenuous version, there will also always be that one kid who’ll never get tagged in anything. He has cooties.

Hide and Seek

Whenever you come back from shopping for the first time in months, you attempt to be more organized. You sort everything in shelves and try to make it seem as if you never bought those 20 bags of Doritos (hide). Then, a few hours later, you get hungry and can’t remember where you put all your food. You’re so used to having it in a bag in the corner of your room, but now that you’re attempting to control your hunger pangs for once, you have to starve (seek). That is, until you find your roommate munching on your food later that day. Surprise, you lose anyways.


This fun game was really helpful in getting rid of the extra energy you had before you went back to class after recess. With this game though, there was one thing was for sure: no one wanted to be smacked in the face by a ball. In college, the same holds true. Except now, instead of with balls in dodgeball, you have “L”s. You could also, technically, be pinned by actual balls, since it has two “L”s at once.

College doesn’t have to be completely void of the things that we came to enjoy as youngsters. Our younger selves are still hiding inside, ready to partake in that next game of meme tag. 

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OCTOBER 23, 2017