Quiz: What Halloween costume should you wear this year?

Yiran Chen/Staff

A lot of people think that their Halloween costume is a clever disguise, but it’s really just a reflection of their personality. Scary, right? So while you think you should be a an adorable cat, your true costume calling may actually be zombie Oski. To find out what you should be this Halloween, take this costume quiz to find the perfect outfit to pair with your night of partying, shamelessly eating candy and watching scary movies.

  1. What’s your favorite Halloween candy?
    1. Sour Patch Kids
    2. Snickers
    3. Jolly Ranchers
  2. What’s your go-to social media platform?
    1. Obviously Twitter! The one place where I can actually say what’s on my mind without a filter.
    2. Instagram for life! Selfies and hundreds of followers — what more could I ask for?
    3. Definitely Snapchat. Who doesn’t want to look like a puppy or a dancing hot dog?
  3. What’s your favorite fall clothing item?
    1. I don’t put that much thought into things in the morning. Whatever my hand is closest to, tbh.
    2. Boots, duh! UGGs, combat boots or heeled boots, I don’t discriminate. I want them all.
    3. Beanies. They’re cute, warm, comfy and the perfect solution to a bad hair day.
  4. Where’s your favorite boba place on campus?
    1. ShareTea
    2. PlenTea
    3. Sweethart Cafe
  5. What do you really wish you could do on this All Hallow’s Eve?
    1. Nothing like scaring little kids to prepare them for true terror to come: adulthood.
    2. Netflix and chill ;)
    3. Dress up with my friends and trick or treat, just like in the good ol’ days. Plus, who doesn’t love free candy?
  6. What’s your patronus?
    1. Oski. Is that even a question? I mean, look at his school spirit. And his outfit? Get outta’ here!
    2. Jaguar. Just like the animal or fancy car, I am fast, furious and oh so luxurious.
    3. Definitely a bunny. So cute and fluffy omg!
  7. What’s your favorite Halloween movie?
    1. Literally any horror movie. It’s hilarious to watch my friends freak out! Wimps.
    2. “Mean Girls.” I think that counts as a Halloween movie because they, like, dress up and stuff…
    3. I like to stick to the Disney classics: “Halloweentown,” “Hocus Pocus,” “Twitches.” All the good stuff.
  8. What high school stereotype were you?
    1. Class clown
    2. Social butterfly
    3. The one person involved in 15 different clubs (oh wait, that’s everyone at UC Berkeley)
  9. How are you getting ready for Halloween?
    1. Wait, Halloween’s coming up?
    2. I went shopping for outfits — and ended up in Forever 21.
    3. I splurged on Halloween decorations. Have you seen Target’s $1 section yet?!
  10. Where’s your favorite place to study?
    1. Memorial glade
    2. MLK
    3. Moffitt Lbrary
    1. .You should be a frat boy! You’re crazy, fun and sometimes act questionably. Just grab a snapback, a polo and you’ll be good to go. Yes, it really is as simple as that.
    2. You should be a sexy Dirks! It’s a great excuse to wear a mini skirt, leather, heels and a sexy mustache. You’re gonna be the life of the party, but you better bring an extra pair of shoes (I mean, you can afford it since you dressed as Dirks, right?) because your Halloween night is going to be #lit.
    3. You should be Oski! You’re the shoulder to lean on and role model to many.  Plus, everyone loves Oski! Even though he can look creepy sometimes, we know that deep down he’s just a cute, fluffy Golden Bear. What more could you ask for?

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