YouTube videos to distract you from doing your homework

Lianne Frick/Senior Staff

The internet is filled with some incredible content that makes it easy to waste time. You often find yourself spiraling down a deep hole into the weird side of YouTube and wondering how many “All Star” parodies you can watch before it gets old. YouTube videos are probably one of the biggest reasons we find ourselves so far behind on work, but there’s no way to stop. We’re even distracting ourselves with videos as we write this article. It’s an addiction that no amount of therapy can solve, so we might as well succumb to the urge. So sit back, relax, close all your homework tabs and enjoy our list of the best YouTube videos to distract yourself with!

“I MIGHT Boycott Bath & Body Works RANT!”

First off, can we just appreciate the capitalization in the title? This lady really knows how to get a message across. Say what you will, but she’s the voice of every person who’s been wronged by customer service, as well as the voice for those who have beef with big corporations.

“PSYCHO GIRL tries to sing I will always love you”

Okay, first off, if this girl is psycho, what does that make the entire population of people that have heard “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston? Honestly, we’ve all attempted to hit the high notes in the shower before, and if you deny it, you’re a liar. This girl got pretty close too, so hats off to her.

“My Heart Will Go On – Recorder By Candlelight by Matt Mulholland”

*Sniff* Hey, don’t judge, you’re probably crying too. This masterpiece needs to be shown to the masses. Honestly, they should replace Celine Dion’s version in “Titanic” with this one. Sorry, Celine! We love you, but this video is just too good. Artistry? Check. Incredible cinematography? Check. Emotional depth? Check. This video’s got it all.

Every vine compilation ever

RIP Vine. We’ve attached one of our favorites for your enjoyment, but all just type “RIP vine” or “another vine compilation” into the search bar, and the choices that come up are amazing. And we promise — there’s no shortage of these.

“Nicolas Cage Driving”

The sheer pointlessness of this video is what makes it so great. This video is a national treasure, and it deserves every view and more.

“Scottish Mum Tells Girls Off For Not Flushing Toilet”

This video is just too relatable. You’re just there in your room, minding your own business, and suddenly one of your parents bursts in and starts ruining your fun because you did something wrong. Like, chill, Mom, I’m trying to record myself singing a Cher Lloyd song over here! Also, the Scottish accents are the best.

” ‘how far i’ll go’ but its sung by an idiot”

This video just gets better the longer you watch it. The original song is a masterpiece, but this just takes it to another level. Soon you’ll find yourself singing along to the actual song, just like in this parody.

“Seth Rogan Laugh + Cantina Song = Nightmares”

This one is for all you “Star Wars” fans out there. At this point, we’re wondering how people come up with this stuff. Like, who hears Seth Rogan laugh and thinks, “Wow, you know, imagine if we played it over and over to the tune of the cantina song? Comedic gold!” Well, whatever the thought process was, we’re glad it happened.

“Rick Astley- Never Gonna Shoot Your Stars”

Is your list of YouTube videos really a list of YouTube videos if you don’t include Rick Astley? It’s hard not to love this one. We thank whoever had enough time on their hands for creating this totally professional video.

We hope you’ve enjoyed your time and found yourself deep in the “recommended videos” of all the links we’ve provided here. And remember, don’t ever let the shame of watching random videos for hours ever get you down, because we all do it. Procrastinate on you, Bears!


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