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OCTOBER 27, 2017

Campus members urge deeper understanding of entrenched anti-Semitic propaganda, historical violence

Editor’s note: Retraction and apology for anti-Semitic editorial cartoon

“We understand and take responsibility for the harm we have caused our readers and our staff. We hear you, we accept your criticism, and we will learn from our errors.”

—Karim Doumar,
Editor in Chief 

Editorial: History of visual propaganda, stereotypes should not be neglected

“Without being cognizant and vigilant in understanding a storied history, one weakens the force of their argument and operates to erase certain forms and histories of oppression.”

— Senior Editorial Board

Letter to the Editor: Anti-Semitic caricature of Alan Dershowitz generates no criticism from UC Berkeley hard left

To many on the hard left, Israel is an imperialistic, apartheid, genocidal and colonialist enterprise that must be destroyed.

— Alan Dershowitz,
Civil liberties lawyer and professor emeritus at Harvard Law School

Letter to the Editor: Editorial cartoon targeting Alan Dershowitz perpetuates harmful stereotypes

We cannot build a campus community where everyone feels safe, respected and welcome if hatred and the perpetuation of harmful stereotypes become an acceptable part of our discourse.

— Carol Christ,
Chancellor of UC Berkeley

Letter to the Editor: Editorial cartoon underscores need for education on Jewish history, stereotypes

As a rabbi and educator on campus, I encourage members of The Daily Californian to take the time to learn about the history of anti-Semitism currently plaguing our society today.

— Rabbi Adam Naftalin-Kelman,
Executive Director of Berkeley Hillel

Letter to the Editor: Editorial cartoon reflects need to recognize anti-Semitic imagery

We ask that as members of the Jewish community and the larger campus community, our pain is validated and understood.

— Lily Greenberg Call, Sophia Gluck, David Shelton
Members of Bears for Israel executive board

Letter to the Editor: Editorial cartoon reveals danger of anti-Semitism in critique of Israeli policy

Simply put, this cartoon, or really any cartoon attacking Dershowitz for his Israel stance, could not adequately address any legitimate criticism on Israel policy while avoiding anti-Semitic territory.

— David Denney,
UC Berkeley alumnus

Sarah Heo is the assistant opinion editor. Contact her at [email protected] and follow her on Twitter at @sarah_heo.

OCTOBER 27, 2017