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An ode to Yogurtland

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OCTOBER 30, 2017

In the heart of the never ending midterm season, we all deserve to treat ourselves and more importantly need consistency and support from all of our family, friends and favorite places to eat. When we’ve reached the point when studying becomes practically useless, our state of mind becomes delusional and tears begin to spring to the surface, there’s only one solution: comfort food. For carbs, we turn to Gypsy’s, for Mexican food we head to La Burrita and for something sweet to revive our mental state, we turned to Yogurtland. The cruel, cruel world, however, has ripped our hopes and dreams apart with the recent removal of our beloved froyo joint.

Rest in peace, our dear Yogurtland, for you will be missed. With your convenient location, funky fresh flavors of the month and the dopest toppings of them all, you were truly one of a kind.

Recently, while conquering the brutal walk from CNR to Greek Row after an even more brutal midterm, a student remarked, “What a beautiful day! Maybe I’ll treat myself to some Yogurtla — OH WAIT.” There is only one emotion that conveys everything that statement entails — pure heartbreak.

Yes, maybe sometimes your workers yelled us only to try one flavor. Yes, maybe you were overpriced. Yes, maybe your cup sizes wrecked those of us with little self-control. However, in South Berkeley, there’s no one else like you out there, Yogurtland.  

Now, the only options you have left us with are Yogurt Park and CREAM — and we all know that CREAM really isn’t a contender in this discussion. While Yogurt Park is wonderful in its own way, can it really contend with the mixing and matching of flavors, toppings and sauces that Yogurtland provided our souls? Furthermore, Yogurtland’s tart flavors reigned supreme over all, not to mention the fact that Yogurt Park tends to make all of its customers feel sick to their stomachs afterward. Yogurtland allowed its customers to at least pretend to be making somewhat health-conscious decisions. Now, there will be no more pretending.

While so many of us have been affected by the early retirement of a true MVP, the only way to get through these times are to band together and mourn as a community. We can only hope that we’ll get through this. All we can say now is thank you to our dear Yogurtland, for serving the often struggling UC Berkeley students in a legen-dairy way. We’ll never forget you.

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OCTOBER 29, 2017