Sex on Tunesday: Halloween tracks that’ll give you chills

Willow Yang/Senior Staff

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Hey. Did you know that it’s fall? We’re all culturally indoctrinated enough at this point to know what that means: Pumpkins, “Hocus Pocus” playing on cable TV, cat costumes galore … and more pumpkins? Honestly, I couldn’t think of another example.

But why leave romance out of the equation? The nights are getting longer and it’s a crime that this season is oft-overlooked when it comes to tryst potential. What’s better than a spring fling? Some autumn bottom, baby. It’s time for a playlist that truly captures the spirit (pun intended) of fall. Here are some spooky tunes to set the mood this October.

“Time of the Season” – The Zombies

The bassline is hands-down the best part of this song. This classic “dad rock” track begins with an iconic bass riff punctuated by ethereal sighs from the backup singers. The call and response format of the song is part of what makes it so enjoyable to listen and groove to. Lyrics such as “What’s your name?” and “Who’s your daddy?” might even be applicable during the actual lovemaking if you’re into that sort of thing.

This particular song gets double spooky points; the overall ambience of the song is sultry and funky, and the band name itself couldn’t be any better. Also, the subject matter perfectly aligns with the intention of this playlist. I get it, The Zombies, subtlety is not your strong suit.

“Trick or Treat Dancefloor” – Cherry Glazerr

Short and sweet, this track is ideal for a brief moment of passion between you and your autumn lover. A relatively subdued sound for the band, “Trick or Treat Dancefloor” begins with a melancholy guitar riff that immediately delights. Frontwoman Clementine Creevy’s vocals float effortlessly throughout the track and her disembodied voice is simply haunting.

The lyrics themselves resemble a mad lib in their nonsensical structure, but the song’s title is perfect for the scariest of all holidays as it effectively captures a spooky demeanor. This song is also an excellent intro into the band itself because it’s distinctly more approachable than some of Cherry Glazerr’s more high-energy tracks.

Don’t Fear The Reaper” (Demo) – Blue Oyster Cult

I picked the demo version of this song simply because I prefer it over the original — and because the more subdued sounds seem to align better with the subject matter of the song itself. Plus I wanted to make a pun about how both you and the song can be stripped down this Halloween, and I wasn’t willing to sacrifice that bit of comedy gold.

The lyrics are dark and sweet, and promise everlasting love in the face of impending mortality. What’s more romantic than escaping death together? It should be noted, however, that there is a lengthy and psychedelic guitar solo that occurs halfway through the song. It really comes out of nowhere so maybe brace yourself for that.

Also, you can take comfort in the fact that characters make out to a version of this song in the slasher-comedy “Scream.” So there you go. It doesn’t get more spooky/sexy than that.

“Sweet” – Cigarettes After Sex

My thoughts on this song were effectively captured in a text I sent to my best friend:

“Maybe I’ve been watching too much ‘Buffy,’ but this sounds like a song that vampires would make love to.” It’s a statement I still stand by.

Obviously, the band has a keen awareness of their sensual sound as evidenced by their very name. This song is no exception. Greg Gonzalez’s voice starts the song in a haunting whisper and he croons erotic imagery in a very evocative way. The overall mood achieved by this track is at once excessively sentimental and seductive. If you’re trying to overtly convey your spooky passion for your love, this song would be an easy shortcut to making a move.

“Stars” – The xx

This song is perfect for illustrating to your lover that you like those obscure picks from The xx’s discography. The xx’s self titled first album is marked by simple melodies and a constant refusal to harmonize. The xx is an excellent band to duet to and do it to. The soft piano chords that begin the song are an effective way to capture a listener’s attention, and “Stars” evokes a melancholy tone that’s perfect in a one night stand scenario. Your hookup will immediately pick up on the beautiful yet pessimistic mood and know not to get to attached. Is there anything more spooky than misunderstood intentions? Probably not.

“The Monster Mash” – Bobby “Boris” Pickett

Don’t lie to yourself; this is the sexiest song on this playlist.

Have a graveyard smash and happy Halloween!

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