Boo! Happy Halloween from the Daily Clog

The air is crisp and leaves are rustling all around, whispering to us the secrets of Halloween. That’s right boos and ghouls, forget about your classes and celebrate the best holiday in October. Put down your textbooks and pick up a book of spells. Use your broom to get to class instead of sweeping up your apartment trash. Take outfit advice from Frankenstein’s monster to feel fresh and fly when walking down Sproul. Don’t bother asking the zombie for tips though, since we all look half dead walking to our classes anyways.

In order to keep your day spookier than Oski, we at the Clog have supplied you with a bucket of content all about this Hallow’s Eve. Now, you can know all about the best costumes, creepiest places in Berkeley and best Halloween tunes to dance to until you’re dead. So embrace your inner child and take part in the spooky traditions that come around only once a year.

It’s time for you to be possessed by the spirit of Halloween.

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