Playlist: What to listen to when you’re stressed out

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Sometimes life just gets a little tough to handle. Music, for many of us, is a way for us to cope or to alleviate some of our anxieties, and it maybe even serves as a way to inspire us to better handle our stress. We at the Clog decided to make a playlist that might help you relax and get you on the right track towards a better and healthful state of mind.

“Take Me Home, Country Roads” – John Denver

This song is a classic that will have you feeling the comforts of home and breathing in the freshness of that familiar road-trip air. Surrounded by a city of countless buildings and cars, it’s nice to listen to this song, forget where we are for a second and think of endless seas of green trees. This song is sure to get you to the “almost heaven” that Denver sings about. Home is where the heart is.

“Easily” – Bruno Major

This song is really great if you need something calm to listen to while mindlessly doing banal tasks or even doing some light reading. The lyric, “Just because it doesn’t come easily/ Doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try,” may be referring to one of Bruno Major’s loves, but it serves doubly as motivation for when things get tough.

“Hero” – Family of the Year

This song evokes a certain feeling of nostalgia. This “Boyhood” track reminds us that we don’t have to be the “Hero” all the time and that simply being ourselves is good enough. Try to keep this in mind when you feel overwhelmed, and remember that you are simply one of many humans trying to tackle hard decisions, obstacles and challenges in life.

“Cinnamon” – Jome

Listen to this track to escape into a “slow cinnamon summer”. The slow rhythm of the song and lyrics provide powerful visual imagery to keep your brain occupied in a trance of peace and quiet. Play this song and close your eyes as you escape to dance, feel the beat of the sunlight and row across still water and  “evergreens and a dream of an island town”.

“Woodland” – The Paper Kites

“Woodland” brings us back to our youth when we ran around with no particular goal in mind except to run until the day was over. Though we may not be children anymore, we can still possess the spirit of childhood, which the Paper Kites accurately captures in the lyric, “We’re all just searching for something/ Bigger than we’re able to find.” This doesn’t mean we necessarily have to find this thing, but the innocent treasure hunt of childhood can still last long past our youth.

“Waves” (Remix) – Miguel, Kacey Musgraves

This song is vastly different from the original “Waves” by Miguel. Miguel’s original powerful vocals are overtaken by Kacey Musgraves’ softer tone. Though this song is a huge innuendo in itself, the sounds alone will help transport you into a mellower state of mind, carried solely through Musgraves’ gentle voice.

“I’ll Stand By You” – Pretenders, Bob Clearmountain

The Pretenders and Bob Clearmountain have your back in their classic, “I’ll Stand By You”. They comfort listeners with lyrics like, “I’ll never desert you/ I’ll stand by you”. When we are anxious, sometimes we just need someone to tell us they are there for us. This song gives us this affirmation and reassurance.

“Last Request” – Paolo Nutini

Paolo Nutini’s voice as the backdrop of your troubles can only alleviate your worries. Try being upset with this song playing in the background. You simply can’t be. This song will pick you up from the worst of days and get you back on your feet for the next great challenge in your life.

“Have You Seen the Rain?” – Creedence Clearwater Revival

This song is for you to belt your heart out to. If you feel all your anxieties boiling to a tipping point, just scream, “I know it can’t stop, I wonder/ I wanna know/ Have you ever seen the rain?” Creedence Clearwater Revival may sing about the calm before the storm and the storm itself, but remember that a rainbow is always sure to follow the storm.

So whenever you’re feeling so overwhelmed and stressed out, remember to take a deep breath and put on this playlist! You’ve got this, Bears!

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