10 things to do in the hour of daylight savings besides sleep

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NOVEMBER 02, 2017

During daylight saving time, we all look forward to falling back one hour. No, we’re not talking about falling behind on homework. This year, the time change takes place Nov. 5 between 1 a.m. to 2 a.m. For many Bears, this will be before classes Monday morning, but why not live a little now that midterm season is over? Here are 10 ways you could make this daylight savings the most exciting yet!

Pray to Oski at the base of the Campanile

Midterm season may be over, but that only means that you have to do really well on your finals. Use this auspicious time to request Oski’s blessings.

Go binge on your favorite food

Winter is coming. Although at UC Berkeley that doesn’t mean much besides the cold weather (in Californian terms), why not use this opportunity to store up for the season? The quickest way to do this is to grab a taco box or two from Taco Bell.

Make a list of things you want to do over Thanksgiving break

Now that it’s November, we can finally look forward to spending time with people we love, amongst other things. Use this as an opportunity to make plans with your friends and to finally try out that new boba place that opened on Shattuck Avenue.

Create the spiciest meme you could think of to post on UC Berkeley Memes for Edgy Teens

The time you’ve been waiting for has come. Just do it! Let your creativity flow without worrying about “wasting” time.

Have a dance party with your roommates.

Collaborate with your college fam to make a sick af playlist and every time someone asks what song is being played, blast “Sandstorm” by Darude.


Let your emotions out. This is the hour of transition for many students. Embrace the post-failure epiphany and vow to devote the rest of this semester towards growth.


After crying for a bit, consider using this time to get ahead of classes. You need this A. Now you can be proactive and ensure success in December.

Start watching “Stranger Things”

Halloween may have passed, but the hype over this beloved TV series will never be over. “Game of Thrones” won’t be back for a while, so you might as well!

Get together with your friends and howl at the moon

College can sometimes bring out the animal in all of us. Many animals in the wild utilize daylight savings as a clock, so use this chance to become one with nature.

Shine a flashlight at the sky

Some of us may be in denial that the sun is no longer working “full time.” It’s okay to express your frustration. To do so, just shine a flashlight into the dark abyss that is usually filled by the sun for that one extra hour. Just be sure to not wake up your roommate.

Some states, such as Arizona and Hawaii, don’t have daylight saving time, but they’re missing out! Luckily UC Berkeley was built in a state that does, so you no longer have to worry about not having time to live it up.

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NOVEMBER 01, 2017