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How trashed you should get this weekend, based on your midterm results

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NOVEMBER 02, 2017

Midterm season was rough. From pulling all-nighters to finishing an entire 10-page essay in one night, we’ve been through a lot. Thankfully, midterm season is finally over (at least for most of us), and depending on how you did, you might want to get a little fucked up this weekend. How fucked up exactly? Take this quiz hand-crafted by us at the Clog to find out.


  1. Did you set the curve for your most recent midterm?
    1. Hell, no — are you kidding me?
    2. Yes, I take my academics very seriously.
  2. Did you get within one standard deviation of the mean?
    1. Well, maybe. … What’s standard deviation again?
    2. Of course, who do you think I am?
  3. Were you the one who set the minimum?
    1. That’s not what I’m telling my friends.
    2. No way! Who gets a 2/50 on an exam?
  4. Did you show up to the midterm even though your professor drops one?
    1. Nah fam. Like you just said, they drop one.
    2. Yes, of course. More practice for the final exam!
  5. Is your GSI no longer able to make eye contact with you because of how badly you bombed your midterm?
    1. Come to think of it … they don’t make eye contact with me anymore.
    2. They smile at me every time I walk into the room because I participate in class and ace the exams.
    1. You bombed your midterms, and that’s okay. Get extremely fucked up this weekend, and forget the woes of the week. Take a trip to Pappy’s or party at your local frat house. It’ll be okay, as long as you ace that final.
    2. Way to go! Your midterm scores are phenomenal. You don’t need to get too fucked up, but make sure to celebrate your test scores a little bit.


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NOVEMBER 01, 2017