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Reasons you can start holiday-ing it up now

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NOVEMBER 03, 2017

Now that Halloween is over, it’s time to prepare for the best time of the year. That’s right: the holidays. Of course, there’s Thanksgiving, but when was that ever as exciting as its December counterparts? While some may think that November is a bit too early to start wearing those ugly sweaters, here are some reasons why it’s okay to start wishing people “happy holidays!”

  1. Halloween is over
    First and foremost, the dress-up holiday is done. There has been enough of barely dressed police officers and bunnies for another 365 days. Now you can bring out your inner Regina George and dress up like one of Santa’s helpers.
  2. You can’t watch all the holiday movies in time
    Try as you might, but getting through every holiday movie is going to take some time. Plus, you have TV specials, Netflix releases and all those weird Hallmark movies.
  3. You can’t listen to all the holiday music your heart desires 
    There’s never a bad time to start listening to those good old classics. Who doesn’t want to hear “Let It Snow” on repeat every day?
  4. You need to stretch out the merriment as long as possible in this dark world.
    Let’s be real, there is a lot of bad stuff going on in the world and December rings in a time of welcoming and loving vibes. It also gives you a really nice excuse to stay in and craft, online shop or watch movies alone.
  5. The snapchat filter is already here.
    Ignore the dog and bunny filters, because Snapchat is already introducing ones for the holidays. We welcome all new features with open arms. Bring on the snowman filter!!
  6. How else will you get you through the rest of your midterms and finals?
    Nothing will brighten up studying like some hot cocoa, a cozy blanket and a plate of holiday goods. Plus, when you fail those midterms because you were doing too much holiday shopping, you can return to the comfort of your winter wonderland at home.
  7. Decorations are the best.
    You can’t say a Thanksgiving cornucopia is better than twinkly lights — no matter how big of a Hunger Games fan you are.

December is filled with such great holidays, all of which have solid traditions that beat stuffing your face with turkey. So, with that we say, “Goodbye sad November and hello December!”

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NOVEMBER 02, 2017