Reusing your Halloween costumes

Flickr/Creative Commons

Did you invest in a cool costume this Halloween? Do you have a bunch of costumes piled up from the past couple “Halloweekends”? Well, we at the Clog have found the best ways to reuse those old costumes after the excitement of Halloween has subsided.

Put on a play

What better way to reuse some of your old spooky costumes then to create a play showcasing these wonderful costumes! Not only will you be reusing those costumes (which is very economical), but you will get to hone in your creativity. Find a cool spot on campus to showcase your play! Perhaps on Sproul Plaza?

Make a blanket

If you have a ton of old Halloween costumes piled up, why not cut them into tiny squares and sew them together to create a beautiful quilt or blanket! This may be a little tricky if you have leather or sequin heavy costumes, because they not make for the coziest blankets.

Wear them to class

Who says you can’t be ~spooky~ all year round! Wear that mummy outfit or your sexy witch costume to class! Not only will you be reusing your costumes, but you’ll also be starting a fashion trend. Who knows, it can be the look of the season!

Hand them out on Sproul Plaza

You know, people hand out the strangest things on Sproul Plaza, why not hand out your old costumes? Maybe it will bring happiness to someones day! Either that, or you’ll get some seriously concerned looks.

We hope you enjoy these tips! And remember, don’t waste those precious costumes!

Allison David is the assistant blog editor. Contact Allison David at [email protected].