Venturing outside of Berkeley: food edition

UC Berkeley campus with view of the Bay
Jessica Gleason /File
File photo of UC Berkeley campus with a view of the Bay.

Many of us get stuck in the habit of eating at the same old places. As classic as our favorites are, sometimes we need to spice up life a little bit. Expanding our radius to Oakland and San Francisco opens up a whole other world of endless dining options. We at the Clog compared some of our favorite local eats to other Bay Area locations that are worth the trip. Here are our top recommendations:

If you like Romeo’s, you would love Modern Coffee in Oakland

Right off of the 19th Street BART station, Modern Coffee is pretty convenient and it’s the ultimate destination for hipster coffee-lovers everywhere. Changing up the brand of coffee and where you study can make your daily homework sessions a little bit more exciting!

If you like Elmwood Cafe, you would love the Grove in San Francisco

All you need to know is that the Grove offers the best avocado toast you’ve ever seen (and yes, don’t worry, it’s overpriced). We also have finally found someone to compete with Elmwood Cafe’s lattes — truly revolutionary.

If you like Spenger’s Fresh Fish Grotto, you would love Luka’s Taproom and Lounge Bar in Oakland

If you’re into seafood, we’ve found your heaven in both of these places, but particularly at Luka’s. With extra class and sophisticated lounge vibes, Luka’s is sure to impress.

If you treat yourself with CREAM, treat yourself to a little scoop of heaven at Ghirardelli Square in San Francisco

While it’s touristy af, the ice cream is so good that you’re able to ignore the tourists and the long line. While there, you might as well embrace your inner tourist and hit up the nearby Pier 39. See, look! You’re already being way more adventurous than you ever would have been in Berk.

If you like Venus in Berkeley, you would love Mua in Oakland

Mua is genuinely one of the coolest restaurants the Bay area has to offer. With high class, dim lighting, amazing American cuisine and overall good vibes, customers have nothing to complain about.

If you drunkenly eat La Burrita, YOU NEED TO UPGRADE NOW TO Taqueria el Buen Sabor in San Francisco

Wait, there’s actually some dank Mexican food somewhere? Everyone from SoCal feel free to cruise immediately. What more could anyone ask for than grabbing a bomb ass burrito and an agua fresca and going over to Dolores Park to sit and enjoy it? The answer is absolutely nothing. PSA: You’ll never be able to go back to La Burrita again.

Hope you’re able to change up your usual routine with these fun recommendations. Happy eating! 


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