10 of President Donald Trump’s most memorable tweets

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Donald Trump — a man of many words — has been blowing up the Twitter scene since before his presidency. It’s been almost a year since Trump came into office. To recognize that, we at the Clog have created a list of Trump’s most memorable tweets.  Let’s take a stroll down memory lane:

2017 New Year’s wishes

Calling out to his “many enemies” is a common thread in his tweets, and this tweet is perhaps the epitome of the “I love my haters” motto. And the “Love!” at the end just adds a little extra something to the tweet. Love!

The now-deleted “Despite the constant negative press covfefe” tweet

We can’t forget about the word that brought the world of Twitter together: covfefe. Tweeted one night by President Trump, this grammatical error transcended into a unifying movement that resulted in many laughs and most importantly, many memes.

When the weather was to cold in New York

Ah yes, that is a great solution. As you may or may not be able to tell, our president is well informed about climate change. If we may famously quote President Trump himself, that statement is “wrong.”

2016 Cinco de Mayo

Accompanied with a photo of himself with a taco bowl, this one is a major eye roll. #pleasestop


His declaration of having a high IQ

It’s okay, we don’t.

President Trump was (maybe still is) Team Edward

Team Edward or Team Jacob? Clearly Trump is a part of Team Edward. He expresses his Team Edward pride through a series of tweets, all of which contain snippets of dating advice from the presidential love guru, Mr. Donald Trump, himself. Who else would any sane person turn to for dating advice besides President Trump?

The Diet Coke dilemna

Although he expressed his distaste for the beverage through a series of tweets, as he does with anything, he has been spotted drinking Diet Coke. The controversy with this one comes from his confusion on how diet coke actually works. Thank you for being so concerned with the obesity issue in this country, Mr. President.

An aesthetic issue for our environment

This was thankfully written on a Friday. The other half of the tweet sparks from his (slightly weird) obsession with birds and wind turbines. We guess you just can’t trust them. (We’re talking about the wind turbines, of course).

Another (now-deletedspelling blunder

Heel or heal? This one was a part of a triad of attempts to correct his grammatical errors and the whole world was there to see it. Like covfefe (see above), this tweet led to a weird unification of the Twitter world through memes. It took him a couple of tries but, don’t worry, he finally got it right in the end.

Negative polls are fake news

Any negative news is apparently fake news.

As you can see, there’s a lot of things we can learn from these oh-so memorable tweets:

  1. Watch out for fake news.
  2. Love your haters.
  3. Exclamation marks make things extra spicy!
  4. Team Edward all the way.
  5. Typos are great.

Just in case you forgot, this man is, indeed, the president of the United States. So here’s to a future of more memorable tweets and let the countdown to 2020 begin! Covfefe!

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