Best Bay Area concert venues and upcoming shows at them

Xinyu Li/File

There are countless ways to spend money in the Bay Area. The one thing you’ll never regret spending money on, though, are concerts. Concerts are either a time for you to scream and cry, because you’re feet away from one of your favorite artists, or a time to discover someone new whom you’ll come to love just as much. Luckily for us Golden Bears, finding a place to enjoy live music isn’t a problem. So, to get your concert kick on a roll, here are some of the best venues to choose from. 

Greek Theatre, Berkeley

The Greek Theatre is right in our own backyard, and we are truly blessed to have such a wonderful venue so close. While there are no more shows this semester, we should all keep a look out for when they post the 2018 performances.

The Warfield, San Francisco

Right in the middle of Union Square, this GA seating venue is another must-see. The walls are filled with famous stars that have performed there in the past, including Louis Armstrong, Bob Dylan and Guns N’ Roses. 

Next cool upcoming show: Saturday & Sunday, Nov. 18-19 / Kid Cudi

Slim’s, San Francisco

Slim’s is a super small jazz lounge in the city that often hosts low-key artists and has inexpensive tickets. It has a very different vibe than any of the other venues listed — in the best way possible.

Next cool upcoming show: Tuesday, Feb. 20 / Grace VanderWaal

Bill Graham Civic Center, San Francisco

This venue often has a lot of EDM performances, and the GA seating and prime location make it another banger.

Next cool upcoming show: Friday & Saturday, Jan. 12-13 / Marshmello

Oracle Arena, Oakland

While this is probably the biggest venue in the vicinity, a lot of amazing performers frequent it. If you go, it’s basically the same thing as saying you’ve been to a Warriors game — definitely something to brag about.

Next cool upcoming show: Tuesday, Nov. 7 / Halsey

The Fillmore, San Francisco

With a lot of history, amazing decor, GA style seating and a dope bar, it’s one of the keepers.

Next cool upcoming show: Monday, November 13th / Aminé

Fox Theater, Oakland

The perfect size,  the perfect location and the perfect venue. They constantly have performances by some of the coolest low-key artists.

Next cool upcoming show: Friday, Nov. 24 / Dirty Heads

Going to UC Berkeley is rigorous and often stressful, making our schedules nonstop for four years. This means that balancing our academic, extracurricular and social lives is of the utmost importance. A lot of us forget that having fun and making memories should be a priority. These are the best four years of our lives, so let’s enjoy them!

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