‘It’s Okay to be White’ posters found at UC Berkeley

Sean Rouse/Twitter/Courtesy

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Posters that read “It’s Okay to be White” were found at various locations on the UC Berkeley campus Friday.

Berkeley resident and campus alumnus Sean Rouse first posted pictures Friday on Twitter of the posters found near South Hall and the Campanile. According to UCPD spokesperson Sgt. Sabrina Reich, posters were reported at several other locations and halls on campus, including Sproul Plaza, University Drive and Campanile Way.

The posters do not constitute as a hate crime because they do not target any specific group and because there was no criminal act committed, according to Reich. Only campus rules prohibiting posters on UC Berkeley structures or natural features such as trees were violated, Reich added.

An anonymous 4chan user posted an image of himself holding up an “It’s Okay to Be White” sign Friday. In the post, the user alleged that he had “blitzed the (UC Berkeley) campus” with the signs, including light poles, car windshields and “the ethnic student center.”

These slogans have also appeared on other college campuses recently. As reported by the Washington Post, “It’s Okay to be White” signs and stickers have appeared at universities including Harvard University, Princeton University and Tulane University.

Anticom, which describes itself as the “right-wing counter to Antifa” in its Twitter profile, linked on Twitter to a Hatreon page supporting the “original anons” who started the campaign. According to the Hatreon page, the goal is to raise enough money to create a large “It’s Okay to Be White” banner to display in a public place.

UCPD is asking anyone who discovers additional flyers or has any information on those responsible to notify them.

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