How to spend your Saturdays now that game days are over

Crystal Zhong/File

The end of the week usually means a break from overwhelming test anxieties, and that’s definitely something to celebrate. But there’s one particular reason that we Bears look forward to the weekend so much, and that’s game day.

While Saturdays have consistently been set aside and reserved for this special time, our last home game is officially behind us. You’re probably having an existential crisis right about now (if there isn’t game day, is there even a point?), and we get it, because so are we. Don’t worry if you’re still trying to hold onto those game day vibes because these foolproof ways are bound to get anyone fired up on every Saturday for the rest of the year.

Watch football in your dorm
Our home games might be over, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop following your favorite sport! Grab a pack of (ginger) beer, get together with some friends and pretend you know what a touchdown is. It’ll be like game days never ended.

Change the sound of your morning alarm
If you really want to set a positive tone for the day, you have to make sure you’re waking up to some really empowering music. Shoot a text to any brother from your go-to frat house and ask them to send you their game-day playlist. There’s nothing like Travis Scott or Kid Cudi first thing in the morning.

Walk down frat row
Just knock on a few doors, and you’ll have raging plans in no time. A simple, “hey, you down?” is always received warmly. If you’re convincing enough, the brothers of the frat will most likely decide to throw a day-ger on the spot — just for you.

Go to your favorite cafe and study
You should definitely take advantage of the extra time you have now that you’re not spending half the day trashed and the other half recovering from being trashed. Study hard, and when you feel like you need to break, spontaneously hop onto a table and start dancing like you never left Delta Chi.

Embrace your Cal spirit
An end to game days most certainly doesn’t mean an end to school pride. Continue to dress up in an obnoxious amount of blue and gold no matter what the day’s plan is. Make sure to yell “Go Bears!” every five minutes.

Shit on $tanfurd in any possible way
Need we say more?

Look for Oski
Seriously, go on a hunt. Our mascot’s bound to be aimlessly wandering around somewhere and grappling with the meaning of his life now that game days are over for him, too.

There’s no doubt that we’ll be mourning the end of game days for a while; however, we’re blessed to have so many alternative ways to spend our Saturdays right here in Berkeley.

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