Winter is coming: Who Jon Snow would be at UC Berkeley

Winter is coming to Berkeley; we can all feel it in the cold windy air. In honor of the season change, we’d like to celebrate by imagining Jon Snow at our beloved school. We’re in “North”-ern California, so it’s only fitting that he’d be going here if the show was set in California. Like the rest of us, he may know nothing about calculus or coding when midterm season rolls around, but he’ll be fighting through it all with a tough face like the Stark man he is.


Jon would be a psychology major with an interest in familial relationships. A deep thinking and withdrawn guy, he has a big interest in how the brain works. As a child, he had no mother figure and never totally fit into his family, so he wants to study child development. His interest in familial relationships is due to reasons we won’t state here out of respect for everyone who has not caught up with the most recent season. Disciplined and serious about his studies, he can always be found working tirelessly in the library.


Jon got the nickname “Crow” from his friends because he’s always wearing black and because of his serious and “loner” personality. It started out as a joke created by Ygritte to make fun of him, but the name just stuck. He doesn’t mind too much though; it makes him seem more mysterious.

Extracurriculars: Community Service Officer, rock climbing, Greek life (temporarily), Paws and Claws of Berkeley

As a CSO, he’d keep a “night’s watch” on all the students walking home late from Moffitt and protect kids from the fate of being just another Nixle alert. As an athletic guy, Jon would try all different athletic clubs, ranging from Cal Triathlon to Cal Quidditch, but he’d eventually settle with rock climbing. He has experience scaling walls of course, so the rock climbing club would be a piece of cake. He’d attempt to pledge a frat because at first he’d like the brotherhood, but after some time in the frat, he’d realize it wasn’t for him. He wouldn’t have too many friends, and the guys would turn against him when issues arose, so he’d leave after a few semesters. His favorite extracurricular, however, is Paws and Claws. He loves working with animals in shelters, especially the dogs. He actually ends up adopting one and naming it Ghost.


Sam Tarly would be his closest friend from the very beginning when they met in their floor’s lounge. They lived way up in Foothill in their freshman year and met when Jon noticed a few frat pledges being jerks to Sam. As an honorable guy, Jon stood up for Sam, and after a few weeks of living with each other and the frat pledges (Grenn and Pyp), they all became close friends. They’re often found going to the RSF to work out. Jon would also have a weird relationship with a girl named Ygritte from his statistics class. He was never sure if he had feelings for her or couldn’t stand her, because every time he didn’t understand something (which was often), she would laugh and say, “You know nothing, Jon Snow.” They may or may not have gotten together a few times at the frats, but he’s with Dany Targaryen now, so Ygritte is so definitely not this season.

Favorite spot in Berkeley

He’d definitely favor Northside to Southside and would eventually get an apartment there after leaving the dorms. His favorite spot is Victory Point Cafe, a board game cafe on Shattuck Avenue. He and his friends get a little intense when they play sometimes, and they claim that their motto when they play their favorite game is, “When you play the game of Catan, you win or you die. There is no middle ground.”

Favorite time of year

He’d love the end of fall semester and the beginning of spring semester. The cold, wet and cloudy weather would allow him to pull out his favorite black winter coats and layer up for the winter. The wind would also make his long black curls blow in the wind majestically.

Everyone’s favorite Northerner would fit right in at UC Berkeley, and it’s safe to say that he’d have much less trouble fitting in here than he does in Westeros. Brooding and serious, he’d fall right into ranks with the rest of the sleep-deprived and “I’m over it” population at this school. So everyone, get out your black coats and prepare for the winter that’s fast approaching. There’s no real Night’s Watch or Wall to protect us from the cold approaching, so stay warm!

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