Cheap ways to make it home for the holidays

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NOVEMBER 10, 2017

With the holidays coming up, it’s time to book flights and ask for rides home. Sounds so simple, right? Wrong. Flight prices are getting higher, and those frat boys will probably bail on you for your ride home, not to mention the price of gas. Of course, you can be super proactive and book your flight a literal year ahead of time in order to secure the cheapest price. Or, you can make some reliable friends, but who has time for that? That conundrum alone forced us at the Clog to think outside the box in order to bring you the most plausible options for making it home in time for the holidays.

Here ya go, folks, eight ways to make it home for the holidays:


No, I don’t mean in a plane. I am referring to our good friend Icarus. Get yourself some feathered wings and soar on home to your full bed and away from your annoying roommate. Don’t fly too high though — we all know how that ends.


Hop on in and begin a riveting conversation with the driver who is happy to drive you all the way to Santa Barbara because he’s making bank. This doesn’t really solve the money problem, but at least you won’t be lonely. Plus, you can make music requests and potentially take a nap, if your driver isn’t sending off the Freddy Krueger vibes.


It’s even better than Uber or Lyft! Obviously, you have to be on a way higher alert for the murder vibes, but think of all the money you’ll save. Unquantifiable. You know you’ve always wanted to be that free spirit with a tassel jacket and a thumb out on the side of the road, so why not go for it?

Forrest Gump

Are you from the East Coast? Pull a Forrest Gump and run cross-country. Not only will you be in amazing shape from working off that freshman 15 you’ve been carrying around for three years, you’ll grow a killer beard and finally pull off the lumberjack look you’ve been aspiring to all season.

Jet Ski

If swimming sounds like too much, rent or buy a Jet Ski! The option is yours. If you’re from Marin, San Francisco or pretty much anywhere on the coast, this is the option for you. You’ll get home quick and get to pollute the ocean too!

Electric skateboard

Ask one of the hundreds of people on campus to borrow their four-wheeled board equipped with an engine and remote to get you home with little to no effort. You pretty much just need to be able to stand up, but sitting might actually work too.


To look extra fly and conserve as much energy as possible, find yourself a Segway. Make sure to get a helmet and take a lot of pictures to commemorate the occasion. They even come in different sizes nowadays.

Public transportation

Buses! Trains! Subways! Oh, wait, just kidding. California has terrible public transportation outside of the bay. You should probably just walk.

Pick your poison, or, just accept the fact that the world is expensive and FaceTime your family to save money. Just make sure you use Wi-Fi because you don’t want to waste that data.

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NOVEMBER 12, 2017