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Untapped business ventures on campus

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NOVEMBER 10, 2017

Every Haas student knows that all successful businesses start with a breakthrough idea. There are countless business opportunities that remain unrealized because people simply haven’t thought of them yet. Our campus is a breeding ground for start-ups, yet several legitimate business concepts have gone overlooked. Luckily, we’re here to provide you with unique ideas to match any consulting group.

Selling chicken tenders outside GBC

The days of chicken tenders at Golden Bear Cafe are often mourned, and students these days typically settle for a mediocre quesadilla. Selling those beloved chicken strips in front of GBC means your company will reclaim all of their lost chicken sales, while also reviving a student favorite.

Renting out frisbees at Memorial Glade

Tossing around a frisbee on Memorial Glade is a classic Berkeley activity, and you’re also sure to be the center of attention. Frisbee-less students or visitors looking to get the true Berkeley experience will be willing to pay up for a chance to accidentally hit an onlooker with a flying disc.

Pedestrian-clearing service

At a reasonable hourly rate, you can supply the speed-walkers of Berkeley with path devoid of slow pedestrians. An employee will walk 10 feet in front of the client at the same pace. The employee is tasked with nudging and shoving people out of the way so that the customer can walk quickly and unobstructed while the employee is the one who looks like an asshole.

Hangover assistance service

Going to lecture with a hangover can be brutal. This revolution service provides in-class assistance to those in need. Within minutes, an employee can deliver Advil, cold water, sunglasses, burritos or anything else that can help mitigate the effects of a hangover.

Selling cognitive science merchandise outside the CS61A final

After the CS61A final, there are dozens of promising computer science majors who must accept that they won’t quite meet to 3.30 GPA requirement to declare. You can sell more product when your customers feel defeated, and most intended CS majors are looking for a way out anyways — why not right after the exam?

Seat-saving service in Moffitt Library

It can be impossible to find a seat in Moffitt Library, but not if you always have someone saving a seat for you until you need it. If you have employees stationed in chairs around Moffitt Library at all times, when a customer arrives, they’ll simply switch places with the employee for a small fee.

All over campus, there are student needs that aren’t being met. If you’re in Haas, you might call those market inefficiencies. People are waiting for solutions to their problems, and all it takes is one of these ideas to catch on for you to be the CEO of your own company.

Contact Ryan Melvin at [email protected].

NOVEMBER 09, 2017