Nov. 12: Editor’s Note

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Lauren Glasby/File

After Veteran’s Day during this long weekend, here are a variety of pieces from Weekender that range from a discussion about veterans to the outdoors life on campus.

Staff writer Kat Fadrilan interviews a student who currently lives in a school bus as his home and discusses student homelessness around campus. Weekender writer Anna Ho talks about veterans coming home from World War II and how Berkeley reacted to the war.

Weekender author Molly Nolan talks about outdoors culture here at Berkeley, interviewing the few outdoor clubs on campus. Staff writer Grace Vogel features the discussion about nationalism in global studies abroad, which affects how students are able to study abroad.

Staff writer Sean Tseng drafts a poem about time and the ins and outs of how it affects our daily lives.

Now sit back with a cup of whatever you like to drink, celebrate Veteran’s Day, and enjoy our pieces for today.

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