A shout-out to all the boss roommates out there

Jessica Doojphibulpol/File

Dearly Beloved,

We are gathered here today to honor the true heroes among us: our roommates.

We all like to think that we’re the best roommate when, in reality, it’s the people with whom we live who deserve such a title. We’re not worthy of those selfless saints who have to bear the burden of living with our crazy asses.

Their patience with our disturbing sleep habits is truly remarkable. They tolerate us when we wake up late for our 8 a.m. and rudely and loudly slam our books into our backpacks. They don’t judge us when we sleep in until 11 a.m. — just to take a nap at 2 p.m. They turn a blind eye when we get home in the wee hours of the morning after a wild night out or an even more wild night in the library.

Beyond just tolerating our eternal struggle, they go so far as to support and praise us. When we have one of our Horrible, Terrible, Very Bad Days™, they know immediately that the night calls for Yogurt Park. They’re the shoulder we cry on when we get that solid F- on our 45th midterm this year, and they’re the first person we celebrate with when we ace a reading quiz — which is yet another occasion calling for Yogurt Park.

In this world in which we’re alone, our roommates are the shining beacons of hope to which we cling. They’ve got more than just our backs. They’ve got our hearts and our minds. The knowing eye contact we exchange is the only saving grace that we have against the hypocrisy of this world. The unspoken texts that we share when we’re in the same room are the scribes of pure genius.

Let’s not forget to mention the little things that we often take for granted as well. The way they nobly look past the unequal score for turns to take out the trash is a true kindness. The humanity that they show when they supply us with quarters for laundry when we’ve got exactly negative five pairs of socks left to wear is priceless. Above all, they put up with our constant self-centered chattering and daily random bouts of crying with beauty and grace.

We recognize that this love letter has made it seem as though we’re the worst to live with. While we’re aware that this may be true, we can say with complete certainty that we’re blessed with the best roommate.

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