How your Thanksgiving is going to go based on your zodiac sign

Wikimedia /Creative Commons

Afraid you’ll ruin Thanksgiving by debating politics with your drunk uncle? Worried you’ll be stuck eating green bean casserole you don’t like in order to avoid hurting your mom’s feelings? Wonder no more. We at the Clog have reasoned out how your Thanksgiving will go, based on your zodiac sign.


Geminis talk a lot and have a ton of opinions. You’re the one who’s going to bring up politics in order to challenge the relative who’s your fiercest political rival.


Libras are peace-loving people. You’ll probably play the role of the mediator, committing yourself to changing the subject or turning up the music any time tempers begin to flare.


Aquariuses are quirky and unique. You’ll probably find a unique way to avoid the Thanksgiving hoopla. Maybe you’ll play with the dog the whole time or try to make art out of your mashed potatoes and gravy.


Capricorns are too cool for all of their relatives. You’ll probably just put your headphones, put on some classical music and fall asleep. Sounds like a good time to us.


A Taurus will probably pay more attention to the food than anything else. You might try to start some dialogue, but you also might spend your time staring at the sweet potatoes.


As a Virgo, you’re the classy, well-educated one in your family whom everyone is intimidated by and slightly jealous of. You’ll probably share some of your opinions, but no one will dare engage you in a debate.


Leos will be showing up to Thanksgiving wearing a bomb outfit and looking for a good time. You’ll manage to get too drunk to properly communicate with your relatives or remember Thanksgiving. Truly the best way to spend the holiday.


Aries are opinionated and bold (read: not afraid to shout their opinion at you). Therefore, any Aries will have a shouting match with any relative. Cool.


If you’re a Sagittarius, you’re a free-spirited wanderer type. Face it, you’re bound to play hooky and go on a road trip instead of having an unadventurous Thanksgiving.


Cancers are the nicest people to ever exist. Regardless of political banter or snide comments, you’ll try to keep the peace. Seriously, Cancers are gems.  


You’ll probably have a mental breakdown and cry. Nobody will know why, but it’ll definitely happen.


Scorpios will be the initiators of all the drama. This is cool because everyone loves some drama, but not so cool if it ruins the evening. Do your thing, Scorpio.

There you have it. Have a good Thanksgiving, and remember not to cry too much, Pisces.

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