50 groovy gifts for every person in your life

Ameena Golding/Staff


A fancy cookbook

Be sure to plan a day to make some treats together!

A food-subscription service

Sign them up for something like RawSpiceBar’s quarterly spice kit or Try The World’s monthly box filled with snacks from various countries.

A witty flask

Drinking on the go never looked this cool.

Holiday-themed cookie cutters

Make the holidays even sweeter with this gift idea.

A set of measuring spoons

A necessity for every great chef.



A pour-over glass coffee maker

Coffee has never tasted bougier.

A travel book

Help satisfy their wanderlust soul with a tour of some of the world’s great wonders.

A monogrammed keychain

It’s key to their heart.

A quirky tea infuser

How else will they steep their organic loose tea leaves from Berkeley Bowl?

An interior fragrance set

If candles — and open flames — aren’t their thing, try this sweet-smelling gift.

An assortment of succulents  

The ultimate hipster gift. Simple. Cute. Instagramable.



A mechanical keyboard

Perfect for anyone looking for a more satisfying typing or gaming experience.

A portable Bluetooth speaker

To bring tunes to wherever their adventures take them.

A laptop decal

Help them make their laptop as bright and unique as their personality.

A statement phone case

It might not be waterproof or fall-proof, but they sure look cute.

A portable phone charger

When they’re at 1 percent battery, they’ll be thanking you for this gift.



A literature-themed mug

No one should have to struggle through “The Canterbury Tales” without a cozy mug by their side.

A set of Field Notes notebooks

Make sure they have some sturdy, handy notebooks to jot down their angsty thoughts.

A book (or two)

There are lots of great books out there, such as Min Jin Lee’s “Pachinko,” Margot Lee Shetterly’s “Hidden Figures,” Emily Suvada’s “This Mortal Coil” and Colson Whitehead’s “The Underground Railroad,” which won the 2017 Pulitzer Prize in Fiction.

A Kindle

For your environmentally conscious reader whose nightstand is getting a little too crowded with paperbacks.



A LUSH cosmetics gift set

Make bath time the most wonderful time of the year.

Temporary tattoos and glitter

Help them rock some cute designs without the commitment of having rainbow flowers stuck on their face forever.

A Glossier makeup set

Hop aboard the hype train with some makeup that’ll keep them looking fresh and fierce.

A subscription to the Dollar Shave Club

Regularly buying razors is both expensive and inconvenient. Sign them up for the gift that keeps on giving.

Cute enamel pins

The perfect accessory on any denim jacket or backpack.



A set of gel-ink pens

An essential for any budding artist.

Some ‘snarky’ pencils

Get a set of pencils embossed with the kind of genuine, reflective thoughts any fledgling poet might have, such as “I don’t know what I’m doing.”

A Wacom tablet

A great starter gift for any aspiring graphic designer looking to draw and create through a digital medium.

An instant camera

To capture all the memories. Don’t forget to buy film, too!

Television show or movie posters

Help them add to their growing collection of Wes Anderson film posters.

Attachable smartphone camera lens

Can’t afford a new camera? This affordable alternative is perfect for those trying to up their Instagram game.



A set of hair scrunchies

Whether they rock a man bun or a ponytail, these scrunchies ensure they stay trendy on the treadmill.

A water bottle

A practical gift to remind them to stay hydrated both in and out of the gym.

A groovy tote bag

How else will they carry their gym gear?

A Fitbit wristband

If they’re looking to get serious about their fitness and to track health goals like steps taken or calories burned, this gift will get them well on their way.



A pair of binoculars

Help them get an even better view as they backpack and hike through nature.

A pocketknife

A simple but handy tool.

A selfie stick

To get just the right angle for that group photo.

A personalized passport cover

Make airport security a little more glamourous.

A stargazing guide

Expand their horizons with a guide to constellations and celestial bodies — perfect for camping trips.



A personalized mug with a photo of someone they hate

Make your friend face their worst nightmare with each sip.

A pack of batteries

“Gift not included.”

A lump of coal

For that special someone on Santa’s naughty list.

A back scratcher

For those hard-to-reach spots.



A set of stickers

There are thousands of designs to choose from created by independent artists on sites such as Redbubble and Society6.

A stylish deck of cards

Ace your White Elephant gift exchange with this twist on a classic party necessity.

A unique puzzle cube

Anyone can solve a basic Rubik’s Cube these days.

A holiday greeting card

Simple but sentimental.

A pair of socks

Universally accepted and beloved.

A 2018 calendar

A foolproof gift.

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