Things you could buy with all the money you spend on boba

Amanda Ramirez/Staff

If you go to UC Berkeley, then you know everyone’s go-to quick sip is boba. But, are you bears aware of how much this habit can actually cost you? Let’s just say the price of those green tea boba you get every other day adds up. Here are a few things you could buy instead for the same amount of money you probably pay for boba every month.

A box of tissues ($2.00)

The struggle has begun. We’re realizing that we don’t know shit for finals and it’s more daunting than we expected. Tissues are a must as we reminisce on how much we need to study. Just be prepared to wipe away those tears after finding out how far behind schedule we have become.

Easy-Bake Oven ($70)

While our childhood oven may have gotten “an upgrade,” you could still probably cop a cheap one on Free and For Sale if you’re lucky. If you run out of the refill packets, you could always use your own ingredients and still cook up some brownies in a fraction of the time needed in an actual oven. Easy-Bake Oven has got you covered.

Meat ($5/lb)

OK, hear us out. If you’re feeling a little extra lonely, slap some meat onto your winter outfit and watch as a herd of fluffy puppers come racing towards you almost instantly. Give all the pets and get all the love with this simple hack. Now, can boba give you that same fuzzy feeling a hug from a corgi does?

Air horn app (FREE)

Guys, this one is free! If you don’t have this already, then you my friend need to get your life together. Stop complaining about being tired. Just have your friends that you hang out with to get boba download this app and unleash the air horn every time you start to fall asleep while studying. They get a laugh, you get an A on the final. Everyone wins. No boba necessary.

Air freshener ($4)

It’s official, motivation levels are at an all-time low for the semester. No one wants to do diddly, especially not laundry. No one wants to smell your sweat either, bro, so cover up the stench with some air freshener at least. We at the Daily Clog do not condone such habits, but we all know you’d rather have friends than boba.

Google T-shirt ($17)

Maybe you didn’t get that internship to Google, yet. You do know that the certain somebody you like wants to date someone who does have one, though. This T-shirt will guarantee a response from your crush. It’ll be up to you to make up a story when she asks about your experience as an intern.

Hopefully this list has widened your perspective of what is truly out there to give you comfort. Don’t place the burden on boba. Considering how long each boba lasts, it’s pretty clear that the satisfaction is temporary. As the holidays approach, consider budgeting some of your boba money to gifting a friend one of these lovely items and feeling a little more wholesome inside.

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