Picks of the Week: Thanksgiving week events

Walt Disney Studios/Courtesy
Walt Disney Studios/Courtesy

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This week, the movie theater and the comic shop are going to be the perfect places to escape Thanksgiving’s requisite awkward familial interactions. We’re taking social interaction off the (dinner) table by planning out an entire week of moviegoing and that most solitary of activities, reading.

Tuesday, Nov. 21 | Release of Disney/Pixar’s “Coco”

Early reactions to Pixar’s latest film promise a heartwarming, beautifully animated tale that respects Mexican culture, offering a refreshing alternative to the xenophobic, culturally insensitive rhetoric of the Trump administration. In a cinematic landscape in which franchises dominate theater screens, “Coco” looks like it will offer original storytelling, but more importantly, just the story we need right now.

Wednesday, Nov. 22 | Release of DC Comics’ Doomsday Clock #1

The Justice League might be floundering on the big screen at the moment, but DC Comics’ print titles are poised for a massive change in continuity — the previously autonomous Watchmen universe is going to meld with the main continuity of DC characters in “Doomsday Clock #1.” For anyone avoiding the stale storytelling of “Justice League,” this latest limited series should be the perfect alternative.

Thursday, Nov. 23 | Release of Netflix’s “She’s Gotta Have It”

With shows such as “Fargo” proving that television adaptations of films can be successful, Spike Lee’s small-screen reupholstering of his 1986 film has the potential to be yet another addition to Netflix’s stable of incredible shows.

Friday, Nov. 24 | Release of Sony Pictures Classics’ “Call Me By Your Name”

Luca Guadagnino’s coming-of-age romance is one of the best-reviewed films of the year, riding a unilateral wave of critical goodwill ever since its premiere at the Sundance Film Festival. “Call Me By Your Name” seems packed with powerful performances that are sure to leave us a blubbering, tearful mess. Catch the film in theaters before seeing it dominate Oscar night!

Saturday, Nov. 25 | Screenings of “A Hard Day’s Night,” “Citizen Kane” and “The Tarnished Angels” at BAMPFA

Once again, BAMPFA unveils its excellent archive of films — Saturday’s screening of “A Hard Day’s Night” promises to be an excellent chance to sing along to classic music. Later in the day, “Citizen Kane” and “The Tarnished Angels” will be projected on 35mm film, the ideal medium to watch them, as the analog format allows for picture quality that digital projection can’t compete with.

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