What your candle says about you

Yiran Chen/Staff

I think we can agree that there’s nothing cozier than a lit candle on your table, especially on a cold, dark fall night. A candle can emphasize a moment, so picking a regular favorite is like committing to be a certain kind of person. It’s not an absolutely crucial thing to do, but some people like having a little consistency. Believe it or not, your favorite candle scent can say a lot about your personality.

Pumpkin/apple pie

Food is always on your mind. You’re constantly surrounding yourself with anything and everything that reminds you of food. You’re too cheap or too healthy to buy the real food, so you buy everything that can be scented or flavored. Your perfume smells like cinnamon. Your lip gloss tastes like candy. And your house smells like a bakery. Yum.

Ocean breeze/seaside

You love the idea of “spoiling yourself,” mostly because if you don’t do it for yourself, no one else will. Your dream vacation is a week at a top-notch spa with manicures, massages and drinks with your best friends. TBH though, you’re probably just a broke college kid who can’t afford to go to a spa.

Clean linen

Just looking at your bed makes you fall asleep like a baby. You never wake up in the middle of the night and love doing laundry. You have no clue that it’s unusual.


You appreciate a clean space like others appreciate a good cup of coffee. After all, lemon can overpower just about any foul smell and makes your whole house smell as fresh as a baby’s bottom.


You like to go on adventures and explore the outdoors. There’s nothing more invigorating than taking a deep breath of the fresh, crisp air on your favorite hike. This candle will have to do for those rainy days when the most adventurous thing you’ll do is move from your bed to the couch.


Your whole house smells like a Christmas tree. You love being cozy at home and you’re addicted to watching “Elf.” You break out this candle Nov. 1, right after you decorate your house with holiday lights and a tree.


You’re probably a really optimistic, bubbly person. The kind of person who always sees the glass “half full” — and you wear really bright colors. You probably used the lip balm that tastes like Skittles and cotton candy when you were in high school. There aren’t enough of you.

Plug-in candle

You tried.

Enjoy that lovely candle lighting and soulful scents, Bears!

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