Twas’ the night before Thanksgiving: A holiday to remember

Willow Yang/File

‘Twas the night before Thanksgiving and all through the streets

You could hear my neighbors stirring and preparing their feasts;

My messy suitcase was thrown in the corner without care,

In hopes that my mom wouldn’t notice it there.


My brothers were nestled all snug in their beds,

While visions of stuffing cooked in their heads.

And my mom read her Kindle, while my dad played on an app,

They were about to settle down for a long autumn’s nap.


It had been an interesting day being back in my neighborhood,

Seeing old friends and taking a break had been good.

It seems like all my friends are in a relationship,

And made me think, UC Berkeley really isn’t a good place for courtship.


But nonetheless, it had been nice to be back in what’s familiar,

It makes my stressed and tired mind more clear.

Being in my own bed was a treat,

A room all to myself is totally sweet.


When in my room I heard a loud clatter,

I fell from my bed and saw my old trophies were all a-scatter.

Awards from better days of glories past,

I felt like it was a reminder of how life went downhill fast.


As I picked up the pieces my brother came into the room,

He told me to keep it down and I asked him for a broom.

He rubbed his eyes and grumbled that I was lazy,

And I suddenly remembered why this house drove me crazy.


He shuffled back to his room at snail’s pace,

I was alone again in my own space,

Remembering that more family would be arriving tomorrow,

Relatives who lived nearby but also from Texas and Chicago.


“What exactly can you do with a political science degree?”

My practical relatives would question me,

“How’s Bezerkeley? Are you a socialist now?”

An uncle would ask in between bites of his chow.


“Yes,” I’d respond with a Marxist gleam in my eye,

“We must seize the means of production, the end of capitalism is nigh.”

My dad would chuckle but my mom would groan,

She’d wonder if all the tuition they paid was blown.


Little did they know, I’d be playing them all,

Hopefully I wouldn’t be creating an all out political brawl.

Debates are common at the table,

I try and escape them if I’m able.


I went back to bed to get some sleep and be awake for the next day,

My old collection of stuffed animals keeping company where I lay.

I had missed my bed and posters on the wall a lot,

The nostalgia I felt was something that could not be bought.


Weeks of stress and midterms had taken a toll,

Coming home was always good for my soul.

Sweet potato casserole, cranberry sauce and my dad’s apple and pumpkin pies

Are amazing at the time but by Black Friday they’ll have gone to my thighs.


And as much as I like to complain,

Seeing my family isn’t actually a pain,

Thanksgiving is a time to see family and friends,

I’m always incredibly sad when the time ends.


So if you’re going home or staying in the bay,

I hope that you have an amazing November day.

So with precious family time and a surplus of good food in sight,

Happy Thanksgiving to all and to all a good night!

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