Playlist: All I want for Thanksgiving is for it to be appreciated

Jessica Doojphibulpol/Staff

It’s November, so you all know what that means! Premature Christmas music, premature Christmas decorations, premature Christmas ads … you get the point. There’s always a huge debate whether it’s too early to start the Christmas season in November or not, and we here at the Clog believe that Thanksgiving doesn’t get the love it deserves.

What’s better than a holiday dedicated to food and appreciating our lives and the people in them? Not to mention, November is the month where the fall aesthetic reaches its peak. We don’t see the leaves change in California much, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t get in that mood. One of the biggest travesties is that Thanksgiving doesn’t have any classic songs we can listen to, so we put together a playlist for all you Thanksgiving appreciators out there.

“Thanksgiving Theme” — Vince Guaraldi Trio 

Is it really a holiday if you don’t watch the Peanuts *insert holiday* Special? Start off the Thanksgiving season right with this iconic theme from your favorite comic characters.

“Autumn Leaves” — Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran’s voice is perfect for fall. It makes you feel like you’re sitting by the fire with a cup of tea being serenaded by one of the loveliest voices ever.

“What a Wonderful World” — Louis Armstrong

The world can be a pretty sad and scary place, but this song reminds us that there’s a lot of beautiful wonders out there that we need to appreciate. It’s a song that’ll never grow old, no matter how many times you listen to it.  

“I’ve Got Plenty To Be Thankful For” — Bing Crosby

Who knew that Bing Crosby, the father of “White Christmas” himself, also has a Thanksgiving song! He croons about how he might not have much, but he appreciates all the little things he owns, which is something we should all remember when times get tough.

“We Are Family” — Sister Sledge

For a lot of people, Thanksgiving means spending time with family! Turn this up at your family dinner and and have a dance party with all your loved ones.

“Thankful” — Josh Groban

Who doesn’t need a little Josh Groban in their holiday playlist? Not only is his powerful voice incredible to behold, but the lyrics are also just as beautiful, so give it a listen.

“Bluebelle Mountain” — Marit Larsen

This folksy acoustic song is the perfect song to put you in the mood for a nice crisp walk outside with your dog. It’s also a great song to nap to when you’re trying to escape from family holiday dysfunction!

“Autumn Leaves” — Nat King Cole

Look, it’s another song titled “Autumn Leaves”! We can’t help it, we just love it when the leaves change color. There’s an English version and a French version of this song and they’re equally enchanting, so give both a listen!

“Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” — Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell

This is a classic song that’s guaranteed to lighten up any family event you attend! In the Thanksgiving spirit, this song shows your appreciation for your loved ones and lets them know you’d do anything for them.

“Many the Miles” — Sara Bareilles

This song’s relatable for anyone who has to take a long plane flight, train ride or car drive back home for the holidays. There’s no amount of miles we wouldn’t travel to be back at home with our loved ones, and this song’s perfect to blast for the trip home.

“November” — Gabrielle Aplin

The quaint British setting that Aplin paints for us in her song is magical and makes us long for better, rainy days. While the song is a bit sad, it still deserves a spot on this playlist for its lovely little tune and for keeping the melancholy fall spirit alive.

“Autumn In New York” — Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong

One word can describe this song: magical. Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong, the queen and king of jazz themselves, collaborated to create this peaceful song. It’s slow beat reminds us of falling leaves and is the perfect song to play while you lie down in a food coma.

Instead of overplaying “Jingle Bells” or “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” plug in your headphones and give thanks with this carefully curated playlist! Happy Thanksgiving, Bears! 

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