Quiz: Which uncomfortable family member at Thanksgiving are you?

Willow Yang/Senior Staff

Ah, yes, Thanksgiving. A time of family, friends and gratitude — and being forced to interact with your weird relatives that you only see once every few years. Oftentimes they’ve forgotten how old you are, or even your name, but you’re forced to push through the awkwardness. Excruciatingly uncomfortable conversations about how liberal Berkeley is and other political debates may also ensue, but hey, pain is only temporary. So, to push through it, we at the Clog have created this extremely helpful quiz to help you find out which uncomfortable family member at Thanksgiving you are in order to gain some perspective (and possibly avoid some of the weirdness that come with it all). Click through to find out which one you are!

  1. What’s your favorite Thanksgiving dish?
    1. Turkey! Nothing beats the main attraction.
    2. Stuffing. Yum.
    3. Creamy mashed potatoes!
    4. I don’t have a favorite — I love it all. 
  2. On a scale of 1-10, how involved are you in the Thanksgiving meal preparations?
    1. -2. I can’t even heat leftovers up in the microwave properly. There’s no place for me in the kitchen.
    2. 3. I generally like to sit back and watch.
    3. 7. I’m often the leader of the ordeal, but I’ll accept help from others.
    4. 10. I’m extremely controlling. Everything needs to be perfect. Just call me Sgt. Chef Bossy Pants. 
  3. How would you rank your conversation skills?
    1. What’s a conversation? 
    2. I depend on the other person to keep the ball rolling, or else it just gets awkward.
    3. I love talking!
    4. The greatest conversationalist there ever was.
  4. Pick a Thanksgiving outfit.
    1. Sweats that I’ve been wearing for a few days.
    2. T-shirt and jeans.
    3. A cozy sweater and nice pants!
    4. My finest ballgown or tux.
  5. Do you have a good memory?
    1. Can you repeat the question?
    2. I can’t remember what I did yesterday. 
    3. I suppose it’s mediocre.
    4. You could say it’s photographic.
  6. What’s your go-to topic of conversation?
    1. I just talk about what everyone else is talking about.
    2. How much I hate UC Berkeley.
    3. Pop culture.
    4. Politics and the current state of global affairs. Let’s stir the pot.
    1. You’re the quiet, mysterious cousin. No one knows anything about you or your daily life, and oftentimes no one cares to ask. You have a mischievous look to you, and when you say something, it’s often either surprising or alarming. You might as well be a ghost, because people often forget you’re even at the table.
    2. You’re the weird uncle. You act like you possess several skills, like cooking or cracking well-crafted jokes, but the truth is, you’re just strange. You often can’t remember other family members’ names or ages, or how you’re even related to them. You try to act young and get in on the fun, but the younger kids aren’t willing to let you in on their jokes (which are usually about you).
    3. You’re the lovable, warm and fuzzy grandma. You’re a true hero of the kitchen and will do anything to stuff your family (especially your grandkids) until they’re bursting at the seams. You smell like chocolate chip cookies and are always there for other for a big ole hug.
    4. You’re the obnoxious aunt. You’re slightly over-involved in the Thanksgiving festivities and a little too keen on asking extremely personal questions that your family members aren’t willing to answer. But you’re unaware of this quality of yours and instead come off as nosy and annoying. And we love you anyways.

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