Topics to discuss at the dinner table this Thanksgiving

Xinyu Li/File

Ah, Thanksgiving. A holiday centered around good food, what you’re thankful for, Charlie Brown specials and the anxiety surrounding what conversations may ensue at the dinner table. We all have that relative that’s just a little too political or religious minded, and you know questions such as “Are you doing well in school?” and “Why are you still single?” are inevitable. We at the Clog would like to provide some alternative topics to discuss instead of the typical Thanksgiving faire.

Fan theories surrounding the latest seasons of Game of Thrones and Stranger Things

Nowadays, you can’t leave the house or even open your laptop without stumbling across a discussion of these two shows. And even if you’re having dinner with full-time employed adults with families, you can bet that they’re trying their best to keep up with the zeitgeist as well. Whether it’s about what the future holds for Jon Snow or Daenerys Targaryen or what adventures Mike, El, Dustin and Lucas will get into next, this is one that’ll buy you at least an hour of not having to talk about your personal life.

UC Berkeley’s meme culture

Regardless of your year, major, or personality, one thing that UC Berkeley can all agree on is our shared love for memes. With more than 100,000 subscribers to “UC Berkeley Memes for Edgy Teens,” even UCLA can’t resist the “dankness” of our memes. Of course, your parents and relatives may not understand and may react something like this when you even mention the word. If you really want to flip the “how’s school” topic on its side, this would be the way to do it.

Attempting to justify our borderline weird affection for Oski

If you’re family members are like ours, they probably read the Clog religiously and may have noticed a few things. We love absurd quizzes, dogs, Trader Joe’s and Oski, all maybe a bit too much from an outsider’s perspective … but that’s where they’re wrong. Whether you’ve been at UC Berkeley for a semester or a half-decade, you develop an instant loyalty to the most golden bear there is. It’s worth an effort to prove to your relatives that he’s not just any old bear.

In the event that politics do get bought up …

Know how to relieve the tension in order to avoid any great debates, so that uncle Bob doesn’t have to throw his plate in the air and storm out of the room. Subjects along the lines of how Hillary Clinton bought the pantsuit into style, the lovable Obama-Biden bromance, or where the Bernie bros are now. Worst comes to worst, you could just break out your best political impression like so.

We at the Clog hope that we can help you dodge any small talk or dinner table conversations that end in people screaming at each other.

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