What should your backup career plan be?

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NOVEMBER 27, 2017

Do you ever feel like everyone has a solid life plan besides you? That one person you know is going into investment banking, most of the other people you hang out with are going to grad school and you’re just over here planning your next meal. Pasta or grilled cheese? Or maybe you have a plan, but you’re worried it’s not going to work out. Well, here is the quiz for you. Answer this handful of questions to know what you should do when things do go as smoothly as your planning them to. The Clog presents: Your backup plan.


  1. You are …
    1. An out-of-state student
    2. A student-athlete
    3. Slowly turning into a pumpkin spice latte because of all the Starbucks you consume
    4. Someone with a lot of opinions
    5. A Haas-hole
  2. Where do you want to live after graduation?
    1. The middle of nowhere, preferably the desert
    2. Near the beach
    3. A big city
    4. My parent’s house … free rent, duh
    5. I’m cool with staying in Berkeley
  3. If your friend was into a cool person they met at a party, what would you do?
    1. Doesn’t apply, I don’t have friends
    2. I would think that’s chill
    3. Stalk the random’s social media accounts until I find out what their Aunt’s cat’s name is
    4. Post the picture you took of them talking at said party on your “finsta”
    5. Ask when they’re going to bang
  4. What is your dream job?
    1. I would love to own a big company, maybe a chain of resorts
    2. I want to be an award winning author
    3. Work for the FBI, like on crime shows
    4. I’m going to be a famous actor
    5. Jordan Belfort in my idol
  5. What is your go to food?
    1. Hot dog
    2. Kale salad or a smoothie, if I’m feeling crazy
    3. Donuts
    4. A good snack, like Doritos
    5. Burritos always
  6. What is your favorite element from “Avatar: The Last Airbender”?
    1. Water
    2. Earth
    3. Fire
    4. Air
    5. What is “Avatar: The Last Airbender”?
  7. What kind of car are you trying to drive?
    1. My mom’s minivan
    2. Subaru station wagon
    3. Any SUV
    4. Green Kia Soul
    5. Chevy
    1. Water park employee: Your love of isolated places and greasy food points you in one direction: water slides. Who needs to go to grad school right away when you can stand next to screaming children and hairy adults all day? It’s basically the same thing.
    2. Yoga instructor: Your life is one big health kick, so why not help some others along the way? Plus, here is no better way to show off how chill you are than by choosing yoga over a 9-5 job.
    3. Cop to detective: Here’s the plan, you go to police school (“21 Jump Street” style), become a cop, then work your way up to detective. You are the one your friends go to when they need to find that random person they made out with last weekend on Facebook. Why not turn that valuable hobby into a marketable skill?
    4. YouTuber: You’ve got some opinions and you know you want to share them. Your dream of stardom can finally begin by posting a few rants or hilarious skits on your brand-new YouTube channel. You could also settle for being a basic Instagram blogger, if that is more of your thing.
    5. Uber driver: Because that dream of working in investment banking didn’t work out, why not go for something? It will match up just fine with your daily schedule. You’ll even have time to check the stocks while you’re driving UC Berkeley students around.


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NOVEMBER 27, 2017