RRR Fashion Week fall 2017: Trends you should be looking out for

Kathleen Gao/File

New York Fashion Week? More like RRR Fashion Week. Reading, review and recitation (RRR) week, also known as dead week, is a time to study for all of your final exams — or realize how much you don’t know and get overwhelmed about how much you have to learn before the week is over. What many people don’t talk about, though, are the hot fashion trends that pop up, and boy are there a lot of them. Fashion is always changing — you never know what’s coming. Being the fashionistas that we are, we at the Clog are giving you the inside scoop on RRR Fashion Week Fall 2017 trends to look out for.


It’s that time in the semester when everyone has stopped trying (well, most of us). We’re talking sweatpants, old T-shirts, sweatshirts and major bed head. If you’re feeling extra festive, throw on a pair of holiday themed pajama pants. ‘Tis the season … to camp out at coffee shops or the library for hours on end.


Basically a really oversized scarf, you can let your creativity shine with this one. Drape it over your shoulders like a cape or walk around with it covering your head so you can hide from all the work you still have to do. You’ll look like a Halloween ghost. What’s more spooky than GPA deflation? Nothing. That shit’s scary.

Socks and sandals

Name a better duo than socks and sandals. We’ll wait … just kidding! Anything’s better than socks and sandals. Birkenstocks are great shoes for the summer or if you live in Socal, but when it comes to winter in the Bay Area they just aren’t going to cut it. Despite this fact, the Birks trend still happens to make it onto this RRR fashion week’s list. How does that happen? Who even knows. People just really like their socks and sandals. A lot.

Hazmat suit

Nothing says germ party like a library full of people, some of whom who should clearly be in bed. A combination of the lack of sleep, poor eating habits and dwindling number of trips to the RSF are catching up to people. If you happen to be one of the lucky ones who hasn’t gotten sick yet, you should sport the ever-so trendy head-to-toe protective gear known as a Hazmat suit. Be practical and fashionable as you channel your inner Walter White this dead week.

Cal gear

All the Cal gear. Just in case you forget what school you go to, this will be a constant reminder for yourself and others that you go to the number one public university in the world. Can we get a “Go Bears!” There’s nothing like showing some school spirit while burying yourself in endless work and suffering.

And that concludes the trends you should be looking out for this RRR week. Strut your stuff this dead week while you’re stu(dying)! Good luck on finals, Bears!

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