8 bucket list things to do before the semester ends

Willow Yang/File

We’re all counting down the days to the end of the semester, yet we can’t help feeling a bit apprehensive — perhaps a sense that we’re not quite ready for it. The truth is that while we’ve had our fair share of YoPo, there’s still so much we haven’t done. If you’re feeling a little uneasy about your lack of accomplishments this semester (and who isn’t?), we at the Clog challenge you to take on at least two or three things from our bucket list before the semester comes to a close.

Go to office hours

You might be familiar with that feeling of intimidation at the prospect of being one of only a handful of students in your teacher’s office hours. Or maybe it’s primarily laziness at the mere idea of spending, dare we say it, a few extra minutes past the hour. But if you haven’t already, we strongly recommend taking this last opportunity to get to know your professor. And who knows? You may even give them a reason to remember your name.

Ride to the top of the Campanile

Lucky for us, our humble campus is home to the third-tallest bell and clock tower in the world. Failing to ride to the top of the tower is definitely a missed opportunity. Before the start of break, make sure to grab a friend or significant other and appreciate the breathtaking view of the Bay at the highest point on campus.

Spend all your meal points

This one’s really more economical than anything else, but don’t let those leftover meal points go to waste. Host a Bear Market party for your floor, swipe your older friends in or head to the Den and spoil yourself with a classic Peet’s customized S’well bottle. It makes a great early Christmas gift.

Hop on the first bus you see

Our Clipper cards generously allow us to use the AC Transit to get around all of Berkeley. The town is huge, and there’s always more to see, so when a bus passes by, just don’t give it a second thought. Join your fellow passengers before getting off at the very first stop. Spend a good 30, 45 or 60 minutes exploring, and then repeat.

Picnic on the Glade

Gather a few close friends and plan a group trip to Trader Joe’s. If your friends are really reliable, organize a potluck and assign each person a different item from a necessary food group. It’ll give you a chance to mix things up and indulge yourself in something other than Crossroads’ waffle fries.

Bike across the Golden Gate Bridge
Really push yourself — set an early alarm on a Saturday morning so that you can grab a rental bike and take a self-guided bicycle tour over one of the country’s most important landmarks. Bike to Sausalito and Tiburon, and if you’re feeling really ambitious, finish the day feeling remarkably accomplished in Fisherman’s Wharf.

Attend a UC Berkeley sports event

And football doesn’t count. Now that the season’s over, you’ll have plenty more time to devote your spirit to basketball, soccer and gymnastics! UC Berkeley sports events can be a lot of fun, so make it your goal to attend at least one before the semester ends.

Have a “Friends” marathon

Finally, among all the hours you’ve scheduled for studying, make sure to reserve one evening for hot chocolate and comfy PJs. Sit back, relax and have a “Friends” marathon, because we’re guessing you probably haven’t had the time to do so since you started the school year.

The end of the semester is an exciting time for everyone, but it can also serve as a reminder to start doing the things that we’ve been putting off all year. Don’t let these last three weeks fly by before crossing a few things off the bucket list!

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