Eligible singles you can pine after now that Prince Harry is taken

Hannah Cooper/Staff

Love’s in the air in jolly old England this week! That’s right, everyone’s favorite royal ginger, Prince Harry, has become engaged to Meghan Markle, a successful American actress and humanitarian to boot. Not to mention, she’ll be the first Black member of the royal family! Cheers to progress! But as exciting as this happy news is, we here at the Clog are a little sad to see Harry taken off the market. He’s just one of many eligible singles out there who have been taken by Cupid’s arrow, leaving us “normal” people in the dust. But instead of moping over the fact that there’s even less of a chance of us becoming royalty, we’ve come up with a list of singles that we can all fall in love with instead of Prince Harry.

Your cute GSI

It finally happened. The stars have aligned and your GSI is single! A semester spent wondering if your GSI is taken or not has led up to this. Now your dreams of marrying a tweed-wearing intellectual are one step closer to becoming reality. We’re not saying that you should do something rash instead of studying for finals, but maybe go to office hours and impress them with all you’ve learned this semester.

Troy Bolton and Gabriella Montez

Sorry to disappoint, but this Wildcat-turned-Bear didn’t get his happy ending with Stanford student, Gabriella Montez. We mean, it was doomed from the start. They both realized the school’s rivalries and their diverging paths were putting a damper on their relationship, so they decided to call it quits. But hey, now Troy’s single and going to UC Berkeley! Not to mention Gabriella is also single, for anyone who’s interested in making it work with a Cardinal.

Chris Pine?

He’s pretty private so we aren’t actually sure if he’s single or not, but hey, a person can dream, right? It’s hard to not pine (ha) after this dreamy UC Berkeley alum. How does one not get lost in those thoughtful blue eyes and rugged good looks? We also just really wanted to put him on this list because we love to talk about Chris Pine.

Other British royals in line for the throne

Have no fear, wannabe royals! There’s still a long list of people in line for the throne, and there are a lot of young single ones on there, too. Some include Princess Beatrice of York (seventh in line), Charles Armstrong-Jones, Viscount Linley (19th in line), Arthur Chatto (23rd in line) and many more. In fact, the Viscount Linley and Arthur Chatto are both of university age. Not to mention there are even more royal families out there than just in Great Britain, so keep an eye out!

Harry Styles

If you want to stick with British Harrys, why not go for former member of One Direction and lovable (not to mention gorgeous) solo artist Harry Styles? Say what you will about One Direction, but Harry Styles is incredibly talented and puts out great music. He also has dimples, great hair and a goofy personality that make him hard to resist. Not only does he have an incredible voice and buckets of talent, but he’s also super sweet and he’d definitely treat you right.


The only way to close a list like this is with everyone’s favorite mascot. The word on the street is that Oski is single and ready to mingle! Although Berkeley is often known as “The People’s Republic of Berkeley,” it’s hard to argue with the fact that Oski is a king in his own right on campus. Why move to Great Britain to find a future king when the true king is right here at our school?  

So have no fear, Prince Harry’s engagement doesn’t mean you’re out of options. There’s someone for everyone out there, so whether you want to become a royal in another country or prefer staying right here in Berkeley, let the royal engagement inspire you to be optimistic! It’s cuffing season after all, so go out there and find your happily ever after.

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