Last-minute ideas for wooing your class crush

Lucy Tang/File

If the beginning of the semester is about making good first impressions, then the end of the semester is about making good lasting impressions. This is the time to determine who you want to stay in contact with, whether it be friends, potential future business partners or academic mentors. But perhaps most importantly, this is your last chance to cuff that special someone sitting in the fifth row. These are the Clog’s best strategies to woo your class crush.

Ask them to study during dead week

This is probably the most obvious solution and among the most practical. Studying together serves the dual purpose of preparing you both for the final exam and getting to know each other. Proximity breeds intimacy, and there is no place more romantic than Main Stacks at 11 p.m. on a Tuesday.

Ask for their number so they can “send you the notes”

This particular strategy is a bit tricky. Asking for their number under the pretense that you simply want class notes is a convenient way to get what you want, but that also means you still have to actually ask them out. This technique is recommended for those who may not be bold enough to ask their crush out face-to-face.

Find a nifty pick-up line

Nobody knows pick-up lines better than the staff of the Clog. For your convenience, we suggest you start here.

Arrange a grand romantic gesture

Timeless classics such as “Ten Things I Hate About You” and “Big Fish” have told us that the simplest way to win someone’s heart is to be hella extra. Try hanging a poster confessing your affection for your crush from the top of the Campanile.

Use your words

Of course, you could just ignore this entire list and do what couples have been doing since the dawn of courtship. Literally just ask them out.

Make these final days with your class crush count, because you may never see them again. But take heart, because if you fail this semester (and not just romantically), there’s always the spring.

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