The beauty of the uncommon: Appreciating all of life’s colors

Fallen, brown leaves on the ground.
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What’s your favorite color?”

It’s the ice-breaking question that everyone has outgrown by second grade, and a query that is hardly ever asked to any self-respecting adult. Yet it’s a question I still love to ask and love to be asked in return. A favorite color is such an approachable question for a person. It’s not intimidating or overwhelming, but if you listen carefully enough, it reveals so much about them. It’s one of my go-to conversation points; I’ve rehearsed and practiced an answer so unique that it can spark a rapid discussion with most people.

So what’s my favorite color? Brown!

No, it’s not the official color of my school. It hardly even appears in my wardrobe. I almost never choose the brown mugs or brown pens or brown bags. But when anyone asks for my favorite color, I rattle off “brown” right away. That might seem underwhelming and weird, but hear me out.

Nobody ever says their favorite color is brown. You hear “red,” “blue” and “green.” But brown? I often hear people answer “purple,” like the robes of a royal emperor. I’ll hear people say “yellow,” like the sun on a bright day. People will say “white,” like freshly fallen snow.

“Nobody ever says their favorite color is brown.”

But brown — brown is the color of nature! Thinking of all the trees with their strong, sturdy brown trunks, with brown branches to support all those leaves, adds to my fondness for the shade. Walking along the wild expanse of nature across the hearty brown earth strengthens my affection for the color. The brown soil that nurtures our plants shows the beauty of life and nature.

Brown is also the color of people! It’s a broad spectrum of shades that is spread across the globe. Brown is the most beautiful eye color I have ever seen. Not to be outdone by its more popular cousins, brown shines as radiantly as other colors. I have seen brown eyes glimmer with so much happiness that they are as blinding as the sun. When a person laughs and their eyes sparkle with glee, those brown eyes are more stunning than any portrait ever painted. The dark grace of brown eyes are a radiant beauty that can be found nowhere else in this reality.

“Brown is the most beautiful eye color I have ever seen.”

That’s just me and my love for brown. But what about you? Tell me all about the people who love red. Those who are ignited with fiery expression of the color. Those whose love is shown through the most alluring of roses, red as explosions of passion. Those who thrive with attention and admire the pop of a vibrant red. These are the people who are fond of red blooms, with their bright and confident hue.

If the pristine shades of blue when the ocean is calm and serene are precious to you, share it with your friends. Tell them about the reflection of the crystalline azure glimmering against the sunlight. Tell them how blue is a gift for the avid cloud-watchers, who appreciate the peace of the pale blue sky — clean, distinct, peaceful — whenever their eyes gaze upwards. Tell them how blue is a safe haven for the young baby, newly born and freshly swaddled, with the light cerulean wrapping them in a warm embrace.

For those who love the green that flourishes in nature, express that adoration! Celebrate the evergreen trees that proudly display their strength throughout the seasons. Enjoy the trees that flourish with green for brief moments in time, remembering the passing seconds with fond nostalgia. Treasure the emeralds that adorn precious jewelry.

Even if your favorite color changes with the day, let that variety be another form of expression that is uninhibited by judgment. Go ahead and change from chartreuse to aquamarine to cerulean. Shift from brown to burnt orange. Reverse your stance from the darkest of blacks to the most blinding of yellows.

A world without color is a dull one, so to live in a world as vibrant and illustrious as this is truly an experience that cannot be taken for granted. Love your favorite colors, and don’t hide them. For any and all the reasons in the world, loving a color is a small treasure that can be made so much larger. People should honestly ask each other this question more often and let this little childlike query bring them even the slightest sliver of happiness.

So, what’s your favorite color?

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