Dec. 3: Editors’ note

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This week, as classes conclude and we gear up for finals, we at the Weekender bring you several commentaries on some of the other thoughts that we feel around this time.

Be sure to read Frances Fitzgerald’s insightful feature on the students on campus who are married for financial aid reasons.

Katrina Fadrilan brings a thoughtful narrative on the joys (and struggles) of being a first-generation American — and in particular, how family and culture become a social web that help define who we are.

Read Alejandra Dechet’s perspective on something you may not often have thought about: the ways in which we benefit from shared resources but often don’t contribute to them. How often do you use And how often do you contribute to it?

Meanwhile, Emmanuel Ronquillo asks a question you might not have heard since elementary school: What’s your favorite color? It may be a deeper question than you think.

And, for a taste of poetry, check out Mariah De Zuzuarregui’s poem on the ways in which words affect us, even long after they are uttered.

— Imad Pasha and Molly Nolan

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